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Here's ME AND AIDAN from several months ago.
Heres DH AND AIDAN from a couple weeks ago.

This is soo much fun. I can't believe how many hot mama's we have on this board!
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Amie . . . I could not see your pics . . . Yahoo displayed a Purina Chow pic with a precious puppy, but I gather . . . that was NOT you or your family! :LOL

Ladies . . . tooooooo fun!!!!

Lydia, you need to upload your pictures to a server and then you'll be assigned a URL that you can post here using the 'http://' button above.

Keep them rolling . . . so many mommas' faces. I'll have to peruse over it and over it to ingrain these faces in my head.

BTW: the TX Bluebonnet pics made me VERY homesick! :
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You mamas are all soooo gorgeous!!!!! I love putting the faces with the names!

My family pic is in my siggy, and we have more pictures than you'll ever want to see on our site: Picture Galleries

Ohh, and you NEED to see this pic of my sister. It makes me giggle: Cristina
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Not too recent, but here ya go!!
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mine are in my sig
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There's hardly any pics of me since I am always the one holding the camera :

Here's one of me from easter, one of dh on Father's Day and some cute ones of the baby from recently

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These pictures are beautiful you guys! I am completely computer illiterate when it comes to this stuff. I will put dh on the project as soon as he is out of his morning meeting. It might not be 'til later. I see some of you guys with all these kids and wonder how you all get any time on the computer!
Sandi, do you have two heads??
I also like all the mommy and baby pictures. "I'll Be Back" in my best Arnold Schwartzenagger voice. Not responsible for spelling errors this early in the morning!
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Here's me!

These are two pictures of me this time last year. One is at my bridal shower and one is at the wedding with my hubby...


Neither picture is very good, but the only other one I have of me recently, is a belly shot ay the end of my pregancy.
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Such gorgeous mamas! I'm usually behind the camera : I'll see if I can get my son to snap a shot later today.

Terri...you are never looking at the camera

I love putting faces to names...so much fun! Most of you are not at all like I pictured. It's funny that we get an image in our minds when we talk on the internet.

Um...Sandi...not fair! You must post a real photo
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This was back in early Feb. I guess we need to take a new one!

Thanks for the pics ladies. I LOVE looking at them.
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Fine, fine - you win!!
Me - in all my chubby pregnancy glory (I am BIG TIME preggo here)

I, too, am always behind the camera!
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THis is us

If I can do this right....I'm the prego one...lol.http://www.picturetrail.com/gallery/...7856&members=1
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Thought I'd share a picture of me.
Alice snapped this at the pool last year on vacation.

Playing in the sun
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Sandra . . . now WHY did it take you so long to post that pic? I love it! We need to save this thread to refer back to when we 'lose' each other's faces!

Speaking of pics, don't you just love pregnancy shots? You look like 'you,' but you don't (and by 'you,' I mean 'in general - we'). I have hidden most pregnancy shots b/c my face and BOOBS exploded!

Like this picture entering my 3rd trimester. I was HUGE by delivery!

Here is me at MDC. Jeff took this shot when he was toying with the zoom lens on the (then) new digital camera. I had to start ignoring him as he was irking me. I hate pics of ME . . . I like to be on the 'shooting' end.
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LOL!!! HEATHER - you look just as beautiful pregnant!!!! P'shaw! ag
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SUE! . . . okay, who is SUE? New member? I'm cracking up!!!
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This one is from mother's day Kerensa and Michaela

I love the pics! Great idea for a thread!
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The picture of you in all your pregnant glory is sweet . . . I always think prego moms are sweet! BUT the picture of your baby newly emerging into the world made me have my morning cry. Oh, she is/was BEAUTIFUL!

Okay, who is SUE?

Okay, I want to respond to ALL of these . . . greenbean . . . I love that shot . . . and all the GREEN surrounding you two makes for a perfect 'frame.'
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I almost pm'ed Heather about the Sue post...icky(before I realized it was a joke...lol) I was a little hesitant to post pics because of the Sue's out there, now I'm even more insecure about it...:Puke

I thought, surely, the sicko's not that dumb! I'm a little slow this morning.
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Originally posted by barefoot in the sand

Liz...DH and I about fell over. Your ds is a doppelganger for Dewey - from Malcolm in the middle!!! DGH keeps looking back over and shaking his head in wonder :LOL

I don't know who Dewey is from Melcolom in the middle?? which DS?

I live a sheltered life, We don't watch TV, LOL..

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