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anyone having u/s yet??

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I'm still three weeks away, but thought I could quench my craving for babe's-in-utero pics through some ddc pals! I know some caregivers do them at 18 wks instead of 20.
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My U/S is on friday (18w 2d). I can't wait!
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Mine is Friday as well.
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Mine is next Wed (at about 17?) weeks. Not sure of the due date so this is to determine all that.
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Mine's next Tuesday (the 14th), at 19w5d.
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I'm not having one till 24 weeks so another 6.5 to go. We have chosen to do growth scans due to my severe PET / HELLP last time and we will check anatomy with the first one. We don't find out the sex and we wouldn't terminate even if there was an abnormality so I figured combining the anatomy with the first growth scan will be one less scan over all. I'll be having them about every 3 weeks after that.

Anna, partner to Leah in NZ, mum to Bede 7 and Emmett 3.5, crunchy rural doc
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my midwife isn't doing an u/s until 28-32 weeks...so i still have a seriously long time to wait...it is really killing me....another 12 to 16 weeks until we can see if everything is going good and if i can buy girl clothes.
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I knew I could count on someone to get my fix, lol! Yep, that's definately a boy!!! And that face in the 4th pic is soooo good, it look like a 3d scan.
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It was so nice to see the ultrasound pics!! What an awesome shot of his ummm little perfectness
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Love the pics! I had mine a week ago at not quite 18 weeks. We took the kids with us so that was neat. Baby was moving all over the place. I have pics but I'll have to get dh to scan them so I can post.
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We will be getting an u/s in two weeks or so. I hope we can see the baby without seeing the little bits. We found out the gender with our first two children and would like to be surprised this time.
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Ours is next Tuesday. I also hope to be able to get through it without finding out the sex! The "suspense" is killing me! I keep thinking I'll accidentally see something.
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Mine is the 22nd and I can't wait! With my girls I only had one w/ #1 and 2 or 3 w/ #2. This time I get one every month the last 4 months! Fishie Kiss, your pics are so good! Congrats on your new little BOY!
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Mine is now scheduled for the 30th! Two days after our 14th anniversary. I'm so excited. Everyone is so certain I'm having a boy so it will be fun to see if they are all correct.
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I'm having one this coming Tuesday, the 14th I believe. My son is so certain that it is a girl, that I'll probably find out. With him, we didn't plan on finding out, but as soon as the sonographer put the instrument on my stomach, it was clear as day! He quickly flipped the screen around and said, nervously, "did you want to know the gender?" TOO LATE!!
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