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My sick little guy...

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Well, on Monday I noticed that Kaeleb had a slight fever. Well, 102 certainly wasn't as slight as I would have liked, but gave tylenol (he is a teething boy with one popping through). Well, on Tuesday we went swimming, or rather dd did as dh and I were way too worried about Kaeleb to really enjoy ourselves. We retook his temp at the pool and sure enough, 104.2. So, I called the ped and we counted his resps and they were through the roof at 94 a minute. So, the nurse told me that she was going to call back an hour later and if his temp and resps hadn't gone down, we would need to go to the ER and meet our ped. Well, she called back an hour later and resps were still high at 72 and fever was 103.1. She said that she was more comfortable with this, watch all night and call the office in the morning for an appointment. Well, I gave him more tyelonol at 6:00am the next morning, cause fever was back up to 104.0. When we woke up at 9:00 am, fever was only 98.1. Well, I called the office and my ped said to bring him in anyway, just to be sure. Well, it seems my son has a coxsackie virus (this is the same strain of virus' that cause the hand and mouth disease in children, although Kaeleb doesn't have that). He has ulcers all in the back of his throat. We are loosing very precious ground in relactation because he will not nurse. He has only nursed 3 times this week, all at night when he is so tired that he can't tell the difference between a boob and a bottle. He doesn't really want to take the bottle either. My poor guy.
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Sorry to hear about your little one! I hope he is feeling better soon! What is the treatment for that?
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Time and patience....Kaeleb has been screaming pretty much all day because his throat hurts so bad...
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I don't think you said how old he is but if he might like a breastmilk popsicle! This really helped Shiah when she had a virus and horrible sore through before she was old enough for fruit popsicles.
I hope he's feeling better its horrible when little ones are sick
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Just had to add that our 9 mo. ds just went through herpangina, too! Hang in there, it will get better very quickly and your babe will start nursing again. I did make some good anti-viral popsicles with herbs cut with juice, smooshed up into small ice chips...
As you said, time, patience and many, many hugs!
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Ok, now he has a little rash over his stomach and back, little red dots. Is this normal with the coxsackie virus? He still doesn't have anymore fever.
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I don't know if it's normal for that virus but I do know that it is very common to get a rash with a virus after the fever breaks.
Oatmeal baths are very soothing
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Poor little guy. Just wanted to send to you and Kaeleb.
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