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How early can you feel the baby move?

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I know what the averages are...not looking for an answer to that. I want to know how early you've heard of a mama feeling movement?

I felt dd very clearly at 14 weeks. She was my first. Dh felt her on the outside at almost 18 weeks. He felt lucky lol.

I swear I just felt the baby move this evening. Once right after dinner when I was laying down, and twice here at the computer. NO I don't have gas. I know what that feels like, and it was nothing like that. It was a quick little flutter, just like I remember dd's first flutters being. I'm not feeling any stretching really, so I don't think it's that. Am I losing it? What else could it be?

How early can you feel it?
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I felt Zachary at about 13 weeks, and what I was feeling was confirmed as baby with a scan at 13w4d during a post-cerclage scan. DH felt him from the outside at about 18w4d.

My cousin was just telling me she was certain she felt movement with her little one at 10w3d and though her nurse thinks she's nuts, her doc says only she would know what she's feeling, and it's likely movement. So excited for your little wiggly bean!
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ya, I kind of feel like a loon. I am very in tune with my body, and this is like no other normal thing that I get. It's weird! A big part of me doubts that it could be that.
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I felt DS at 14 weeks too! They were like little pops that I felt when laying on my back. We felt kicks (from the inside/outside) at 16 weeks with him. My doctor at the time said he wasn't surprised since I'm so thin.

I wonder if I'll feel this one earlier, since I know what to look for?
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I felt my first dd at about 14 weeks. With my twins I actually felt them later then my first....at about 17/18 weeks. I'm only 8w2d now but am SO EXCITED to feel those first flutters! Such an amazing feeling!
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Don't feel like a "loon". You are more in touch with your body and this isn't your first. You know what it feels like. I say just trust it. You felt your baby
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I felt my 4th, 5th, and 6th babies by 10 weeks. In fact, with my 4th, I was having some bright red bleeding at 10 weeks and I would have been terrified except I could feel him bouncing around in there a couple times a day.

My first, probably by 14 weeks, and the 2nd and 3rd, probably around 12 weeks. You're not crazy.
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I'll be 11 weeks on Friday, and I would swear that I felt my first flutterings last night, and again briefly this morning. Almost seems unreal now, but at the time I was totally aware of a feeling of someone elses body inside my body. Yay! I thought I was crazy - glad I'm not alone.
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aww you guys made me feel so much better! I have a really short torso (even though i'm 5'8" lol) and my uterus is really high already. Could that be part of it?
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I felt my first right around 12 weeks, but my second wasn't until 14 weeks or so. I'm wondering when I'll feel this one (my third).
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With my first, I felt movement at 15 weeks. I'm currently 8 weeks and don't feel anything yet.
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I know I felt my 4th at 10 weeks. My 2nd and 3rd were around 12-14 weeks. My 1st was more like 16 weeks.
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I don't know if I'm feeling the baby move, or just my insides shifting around, but I have been getting little "kick" feelings occasionally for about a week . . .

It's the same feeling I felt with my first, but also the same feeling I get when I ovulate too so I'm not sure what the true cause is

Either way, I like it!
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I'm feeling something, but I think it's just my insides shifting.

I felt DS around 16-17 weeks last time.
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I def feel some fluters and I'm 10 wks...your not a loon...or we both are LOL!
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I'm almost 11 weeks and I've been feeling little flutters for about a week or so. This is my 4th and I've read you usually feel movement a little earlier after your first. And my babies usually move all around like crazy pretty earlier and keep going until they are born! I just can't wait until we can feel it on the outside too. My daughter will be just so excited this time around to feel the baby move! She was to young last time to really know what she was feeling.
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I think the earliest I felt flutters was 13 weeks with my 4th. it was 15-18 weeks with my others.
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With Annie it was around 16 weeks, but I had an anterior placenta, and as a 1st timer wasn't really sure what I was feeling, yk? Other people were able to feel about 2-3 weeks later, as I recall.
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I started to feel my first at about 15 weeks. I'm almost 10 weeks now and don't feel anything yet.
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I'm almost 10 weeks and can already feel flutters. At first I thought it was way too early and it must be gas and guess it still could be, but I'd rather think it's my sweet little baby bopping around.
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