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How timely - I was just writing about family safety!

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And look what ended up in my inbox this morning but an announcement about family safety forum! Nice one btw Mods - good topic. So anyhoo......

I was writing this morning about getting my kids bikes this weekend and how that related to my own childhood. When I was a kid, from the time I was about 8 or 9 years old I would just get on my bike and be gone for hours. No cell phone, no way to contact me unless I happened to be in earshot of my father's whistle (it was loud and carried far), I was usually traveling in a group of 4 or 5 kids, never at someone's house (no phone another words). We just rode and rode and rode. And no parents, I think, thought a thing about it.

I can't imagine doing that with my kids. I just can't. Maybe when they are teenagers, but certainly not before 12 (which btw is when I stopped riding and riding and riding and got into more girlie preteen things - blech). Will I be doing my children a disservice by being so overprotective?

More importantly people always say "The world has changed". Has it? Has it really? I mean are there statistics out there that support that? Wasn't I a risk for being abducted, injured, molested? Or my children more so at risk because we live in a "world that has changed" and these violent incidences are higher in number? Or is it just that our culture has changed, that we live and control our lives by fear?
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I, also, am very excited about this forum!

I think that while children can make the best childhood memories on bike journeys and such, that there is too much risk involved. I would never let dd out of my site unless she was being watched by one of about 10 people in the world that I fully trust. Even 12 years old seems to be such a young age to let them be out on their own. I know that every place has dangers, but I still like to think that the small town I was raised in is safer than the big city I now live in. That is naive to say because there are just as many wierdos in small towns as anywhere else.

It is sad that our generation of children have to be more sheltered than we were, but I think it is just reality :
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Instinctively I feel the same way - I don't want them out of my sight. But I guess my real question pertains to this

but I think it is just reality
Is it just "reality"? Is the world really different? I am not so sure. I am inclined to say that the numbers of these things probably stay more or less consistent over time. But I have no idea. It is thought provoking though....for me at least.
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i now live in the house where my mother grew up in a big city. over 50 years ago, she was almost kidnapped in front of this home by the ice cream truck driver. she was told by her parents that she couldn't stop the truck and get ice cream so she snuck into her mother's purse, got out $, stopped the truck, then the man picked her up and carried her to the truck door and she kicked and screamed so loud that he dropped her into the road and she got away. her parents were in the garden and heard the commotion. she still believes that if she hadn't put up a fight, that he would have took her since it appeared as though there was noone watching her.
Anyhow, I think that there's always been danger for kids, but it seems in the small town that I am from, that there is more crime due to increased prescription drug abuse. I guess it doesn't matter if it is a big city or a small town, there is always danger and there always has been, but I do believe it is worse these days.
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The thing is, I think evil things happened when we were kids 25 years ago. Parents just weren't as aware. Knowledge is power
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I really don't think that the world has changed much. I think in a lot of ways we are safer - crime rates have dropped in many places. Kids riding bikes in helmets with lower crime rates, I'd say they're safer than they were when I was riding around helmetless in the 80s.

I do think that hyperfocusing on safety to the exclusion of other values (fun, exploring, autonomy) does children a disservice.
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Wow..I just found this forum too!! Sweet.
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