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front seat exceptions

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Anyone know if it is actually illegal to have a child under 12 ride in the front seat with a booster seat? I ask because I would like to help a neighbor transport her kid to events my son is also involved in. However I have two other kids that fill up my three back seats. Thus, one kid (the oldest) would have to sit in the front seat for the short, 2 mile trip.

I know it's recommended to not use the front seat for kids, but is it actually illegal? We would push the seat way back far from the airbag.
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It would depend on your state, but I seriously doubt it's illegal. Especially if other seats in the car are full.

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I'm prett sure it's not since some vehicles only have a front seat. Our second vehicle only has a front seat. I am sure to turn off the passenger airbag tho. If there's no switch we have pulled a fuse for it.
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It is not illegal. Push the seat back as far as it goes, use his booster seat, and as you indicated, put the oldest child in the bunch, in that seating position. If your airbags have an on/off switch, turn it off. Remember to turn it back on after transporting the child.
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Thanks. I don't have an on/off switch but I'll inquire whether one can be installed by the car dealer
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WA state law says that children under 13 must be transported in rear seats "where it is practical to do so". I think if the other seats are full, it is not practical! Check your state law but it probably says something similar. If you do a search for your state and "child restraint law" or "booster seat law" you'll probably find out what it says exactly. But like I said, I doubt it could be outright illegal--what about people whose only transportation is a pickup truck?
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