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Cloth toys from China

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We know about lead paint and toys from China. What about the soft cloth toys that are made in China. I was looking through my son's collection and he has a few things that have that "made in China" tag. So, do you think there is any reason for concern?
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This is pure speculation, as I am woefully uninformed about the lead paint laws, but isn't it illegal for toys with lead paint to be sold here? That was why Fisher Price had to do the big recall, right? If the toys are meant to be sold in the US, Chinese factories are not supposed to use lead paint on them. Right? I always assumed toys were inspected and tested in some way before being put on the market here. But I am quite possibly deluded.
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I guess what I mean is this:

There have been a lot or recalls of toys made in China b/c of the lead paint issue. Some of these toys have been sold here for years before the recall. So, I am giving up painted toys from China. We don't have any plastic toys either. I'm trying to decide if we should not have the soft toys covered in cloth. Can anyone think of a reason why not?
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Many toys in the US have lead in them. Walmart has been selling lead children's jewelry for years and i never heard of them doing a recall :
Last summer the Public Libraries gave out some favors at the summer reading program that were very leady and they recalled them.

I think the only way to be kinda safe is to carefully examine and research EVERY toy or item you give your child and get rid of the rest.
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THere are rules for selling things with lead in the U.S. I am not completely sure what they are are. However, if you are really concerned about lead (As I am) go to the hardware store and get a lead testing kit. These kits are usually used for testing paint in homes, but you can also test for lead on toys and plastics (mostly vinyl)

Also, you may want to get have your DS's blood lead levels checked. ITs a simple blood test. In the state I live in they are free for anyone who wants them.


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I am personally living with the belief that China is trying to kill us
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Originally Posted by ThreeBeans View Post
I am personally living with the belief that China is trying to kill us
Haha, DH said the same thing to me yesterday. It is all part of their plan for world domination.
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I don't see a reason to get rid of *cloth* toys. As far as I know, lead is found only in paint and not in fabric dye.
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