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Pumping in airports

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I am currently on a trip across the country, unfortunately I could not bring DD. On my airplanes, there were electrical outlets in the bathrooms where I could pump. Coming here, we had a long layoner in Denver. The only outlets
I could find were in very public places. I tried pumping with a blanket over but I think I just felt a little strange and I was not expressing any milk.

On a whim, I walked through the doors of the British Airlines Executive Presidents club. I asked the man if I could come in and find a private place to pump. I was thinking in my head, yeah right, after seeing everyone in there looking posh and dressed to the nines; I was in jeans.

He hooked me up with a private conference room. I was so greatful and it helped my expression so much. I am going to write a thankyou letter to British Airways. They totally rocked! I wasn't even flying on their planes!

I had to share this tip in case anyone else is ever in the same boat. On my return trip, I have a long layonver in Chicago. I'm hoping to find another executive club to pump in.
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That's awesome! Good idea, too.
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That's great!
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Hooray for BA! Good on them!

Have you ever tried the prayer/meditation room? That's a quiet/private place.
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I found this old thread after having experienced a similar situation.  I had to travel out of state for a meeting yesterday.  I flew with two different airlines and asked reps from both about a place to pump.  The first (Southwest Airlines) told me to use the family restroom, which at least was private although not very sanitary.  The second (Alaska Airlines) told me there were no options other than the women's restroom (these were different terminals in the same airport, so had different accommodations).  I used a cover, but had to stand in front of the mirrors in order to access the electrical outlet.  Being so exposed made me too nervous and I was only able to pump about an ounce total, despite being painfully engorged.  Fortunately, it was a one-day trip, so my husband picked me up at the airport with my daughter and I was able to nurse right away.


Has anyone else been able to find a good solution to pumping in an airport?

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