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Saying hello...

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I took a digital pregnancy test this morning and got the word "Pregnant"! This was after a light line on a regular test yesterday. This will be baby #3 for us. I think I am due around April 17th (not entirely sure about which day I ovulated). Anyway I went way overdue with both my other kiddos so I'm guessing sometime between ds's 2nd birthday (April 15) and dd's 4th birthday (May 8th). I think we'll just tell people mid to late April

I'm really happy to be joining this group. I've been lurking the last few days hoping I'd be able to! I was part of a DDC with my ds (April 06) and I really enjoyed it.
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Happy Happy!
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I'm looking forward to getting to know you!
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Welcome, Rebecca!
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Welcome, Congrats!
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