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White Noise cds?

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Does anyone have any recommendations for sources of "white noise" cds? My 6 week baby boy has colic and our only source of sanity these days is the vaccuum cleaner; when I turn on the vacuum, it's like magic - he passes out. I've seen a few cds on the Internet that have white noise like vacuums, blow dryers, etc. I'm wondering if anyone could recommend a good cd and a reliable source to purchase it from. THANKS!!!
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Hmm, I use a CD of harp music, but since its been warm, the fan has been great!

Could you tape record the vacuum?


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We bought one of the Nature Sounds machines at Target. The ocean waves really sooth dd, even now that she's older.
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My husband just recorded our house fan running and burned it on a CD. We run this non-stop in the bedroom ... she knows it's bedtime/naptime when she hears the sound... it's ESSENTIAL for her to sleep at home. She has severe reflux and requires the distraction and calming sound. We keep the CD on repeat. It's not quite as harsh sounding as a vacuum.. but really does the job for us. My dh said he'd burn you a copy CD for shipping cost plus $1. Let me know.
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We have a *lovely* CD called "Gentle Rain." Its just a rainstorm that goes on for one hour; but we keep it on repeat all night long. We started using in when ds was about a month old.

We noticed that if we put ds in his little babyseat next to the shower, ds would fall right to sleep and *stay* asleep. I could take long, long, relaxing shower that way. But when the water stopped, ds would wake up. EVERY time. So, we realized that the water sound was very soothing to him, and thats why we bought the CD.

It has been part of our life for over a year now. It makes the whole family relaxed and sleepy. It has become a "sleep cue" for us all! As much as I dislike the idea of relying on something electronic, I *love* this CD. I just pretend we live right next to a waterfall, so the rain sound is actually a natural part of our environment. :
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I posted about this earlier...we used a CD by the name of "For Crying Out Loud" and although DS is now three, we still use it. It saved us when he was colicky.
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