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Mamarabbit: So sorry about dd, that is really tough. I have a 3 1/2 yo dd, and so far she has been really good, but I was so worried. And I am so not ready for her to go to school.

We've had some tough days where I can't seem to keep anyone happy, and I still wish I had another set of hands, but I think we are doing pretty good overall.

Fyre: I am impressed that you are getting out so much! I don't really go anywhere, so I don't hear it too often.
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Erin: I'm so sorry you're having trouble with your DD. It's a big adjustment for everyone having twins in the house.

S&G24Me: Glad things are getting better!
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I just weighed the babies.... they've gained almost 1.5lb each in only 3 weeks!!!

Shira went from 6lb 8oz to 7lb 14oz. Miriam went from 6lb 14 oz to 8lb 6oz!

I thought this morning, is it must me or are they heavier? Sure enough they are. All that mama milk is fattening them up And they can actually wear their newborn clothes now.
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twins born June 18

We are doing OK. Both are growing great on breastmilk (although Lily is HUGE!) and sleep is...well, infant sleep. They are sleeping with us which is challenging but I don't know if I'd be surviving if I did it any other way.
I'm interested to try and read this thread to see what others are doing about sleeping arrangements.
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Mine are sleeping in the bed with me. At first they were between DH and I, but I've found it easier to have one on each side, then I can roll over either way to nurse as they need it.
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I have to tandem at night or I get no sleep. They don't latch well in any position but football at the moment and I don't produce well unless I have one on each side. They slept 4 hours last night, but then wouldn't sleep from 4am on : . I'm really tired today and to top it off I've been having migraines. I think my thyroid is off so I started taking a higher dose of my meds (pregnancy dose instead of pre-pregnancy dose). I also had lost 38 lbs and then gained back 6... more reason to suspect my thyroid.

My girls seem to have flipped for biggest. F is definitely bigger in the tummy and has more rolls/double chin. W is smaller everywhere... bigger then at birth, but smaller then her sister. She's also the more spitty one so it's not too much of a surprise that she's not gaining quite as well.
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This week has started out rough. The boys had one good day then regressed so much. Today little Pierce is having his NEC surgery. I have been having a really hard time so far but hopefully this will be a sucess and he will improve. Lincoln has a nasty infection that is causing him to have breathing difficulties and having him have alot of extra fluid on his body
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4 weeks old tomorrow... already! I hardly remember what they were like at birth... guess it's all that sleep deprivation. Yesterday morning they were up the whole time, but then last night wasn't so bad. Maybe starting to figure out their nights and days? Miriam (the bigger twin) is really changing. Lots of alertness, putting herself into a routine. Shira is still working at nursing well but just a little punier. Hard to keep awake, etc..

My mom left tonight after 6 weeks of help. My DH goes back to work tomorrow. And my firstborn starts school tomorrow. *sniff*
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Aimee: Here's hoping the surgery goes well. I must be so incredibly tough to go through all this, for you and the boys! *hugs* They will get better soon!

Erin: Insane how they're already so old! Mine will be 4 weeks on sunday and they're spending time awake looking around already. They look like they might be getting ready to smile soon! It's hard to take the time to just look at them and be amazed. I'll be alone next week too and i'm scared to death. I've got a call in to the midwife about what I can do to care for my older child as I'm not supposed to life anything... stupid c-section.
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Pierce's surgery did not go as well as expected, they found 2 perforations and he lost 6cm of his intestne, and has a colonostomy. He was in so much pain even with meds that they had to sedate him within 24 hours of waking up from surgery. He didnt wake up for a long time. His belly is really swollen still but it looks better already

Lincoln was started on steroids to improve his lung function and we are already seeing improvements.

I am going insane with all the trips back and forth and taking care of the girls too.
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