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How many words does your 12-14mo say?

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My dd really can only say Da-da. Although, she is very verbal and babbles ALL day long and also understands most of what we say to her. She points at things and gets very excited if it's something like a ballon or airplane. I always repeat the word to her several times trying to teach her and hoping she'll say it back! Just curious what other babies are able to say at this age?

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My ds (13 months) says baba (daddy), he has said mama, but it's not like he looks at me and says it, so I'm not sure if it's a coincidence. He's always saying ka ka ka, so when we're in the garden with cats, everyone thinks he's saying cat. He always moos and miaows when he sees cows or cats. He's also very verbal and a lot of the time it sounds like he's saying something but I think it's just coincidence. He'll repeat/mimic words but I'm not sure if it counts if he doesn't attach any meaning to them.
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my ds, 12.5 months old says dada, mama, bye-bye (ba-ba), up (upah), woof (for any four legged animal), kitty, and "this" (he points and says "this, this, this") Like... I want to see this, take me there now! Oh, and he says ma (grandma) and Ti! (auntie)
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DD is 11 months and says mama, dada, 'ayla (our dog's name is Layla - and they're fast friends) and "no,no,no" when she's about to touch something she shouldn't.
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num nums, doggie, roof roof, duck, quack, baa (for sheep) up, down, byebye's, mamma, dadda, nana, mamaw, papaw, ticin (chicken) bananananana(banana lol) baby, awwwww, no no, shoe shoes (she doubles alot of stuff) shirt, shoes, eyes, hair, ear, teeth, tee tee's (means brush teeth) baf (bath) broom broom (sound of car) nuk, ni nite, stick, ow (ouch), elmo, ernie, pig toes (piggy toes) diaper diaper, uck, tinky (stinky)

my favorite ( i loo looo) I love you

poon (spoon)
kailey lee lee lee ( Kailey) pee a boo (peek a boo) two, sock, ice, brrr, hot, pry (pretty) , cracker cracker,

bear, wovi (lovie)

get chew ( I'm gonna get you ) book, leaf, burp,

she's a jabber pants lol
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Not many..."Lilly", our dog, which comes out "Ih-ee"
"bu-oy" for bottle OR binky
"Bwee" for I want that
"Beh-wee" (Berry - her favorite food)

She doesn't use "Ma-ma" any more : - I guess she figures I'm always here, so, no need. She lost "book" as well.
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When DD 1 was at that age she said about 20 words (lots of animals, animal sounds, bye-bye, books, baby, etc.)

DD2 is 13 months and says mama, dada, bye-bye, baby, cat and uh-oh.

So, I think it varies greatly depending on the child.
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Says: This (dis) and Dadda

Signs: Hat, Dad, Duck, Dog, Brush teeth, Baby, all done, milk (but he only does this when he wants to nurse), eat, train, wash hands
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Dd said dada and mama at that age. Not long after that, she found some new words (very useful ones) and at almost 17 mos she has a few more. Her favorite word is "hereyougo," which said very fast means "Give that to me," "Take this," and "Yes I need that! I need that! NOWWW!"

She also at that age understood a lot of what we were saying without having many words herself. So if I asked, "Where's the cat?" she'd point at him and make a noise. If I asked her to do something, even something pretty complicated, she'd usually understand and do it. So while her vocabulary was (and maybe is still) small, her ability to understand and communicate is pretty good.
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My almost 15 month old said Ma and Da until last week. Oh, and an imitation of a dog barking - not really a word. We added toddler versions of hi, bye, and all done last week.
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i see so many of these threads, usually from a parent who may be concerned that their DC isn't talking as much as some say they should. or maybe i just read them all b/c i'm in the same boat. DD is 15 mo and says mama as well as other "words" if you count massive mispronunciations, which i do. it's coming along, and i've decided not to worry about it anymore. she repeats what i say to her sometimes very well but it's not consistent.
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I know that there is wide variation in when a child starts to talk and how many words they can say.

DD2 is 15 months old and can say mama, dada, Sa (for her sister Sam), up, uh-oh, makes most animal sounds, attempts most names and does a good job with them, and is very repetitive. But, I know she is verbal for her age. However, she JUST started saying much of anything within the past two months.
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my DD is 12 months and says mama, dada, uh-oh, yeah, and choo choo (we live by a train station, she'll wake up from a slient SLEEP to say "chooooooo chooooooooooooooooo!!!" and point in the general direction of the train if she hears one! lol!). She is always running around saying "BAP!" but I have no idea what it means lol, and she copied my friends baby in "nanananana" which to the other baby means no, but August never uses it as no, just babbles "nananana" when Cadence is around.
We have cats so I try to get her to say kitty, but she just smiles at them and makes a "kuh" noise with lots of spit LOL!

eta: she also says "awwwww" and just recently started saying "ooooohhhhh" in an amazed tone when she opens a book.
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At that age, probably just papa and that. DD didn't really start talking until she was around 20 months
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13 mo DD says: Da Da, Baby (bay-bah), Hi (ha-eee), Bye-bye (buh-by), Wa-wa for water and our (spanish-speaking) nanny swears that she says "gato" (cat). She tries to woof like a dog and make ambulance sounds. She also signs: book, chicken, eat, milk, more, potty, airplane and car (which means "I'm bored--take me somewhere!!" ).

Oh, she also points to pictures in a book and says "dis, dis, dis".
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My almost 15 month old has at least 40 words that she says and a bunch of animal sounds and signs too.
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ds says quite a few words, I haven't counted, which include: mama or emma, which is my name, so he pronounces it as emma, kinda cute! Papa, more, ball, hi, bye, buoy or boogee for nursing, eye, hair, ear, car, bear, ba--for banana, cracker, cookie, book, baby, go, itty-for kitty, boy. That's all I can think of, there may be more.--alot of b words

But the funny thing is, he never says dada. I mean that is suppose to be the easiest sound for a baby to make, and I have never heard him say it.

Also he rarely says mama/emma. Only if I am in the other room and he wants me, but if I am there, I guess he doesn't neeed to address me.

Every baby is different, I wouldn't worry about it. I think one reason he may say many words is because he loves to read. He makes me read to him all the time, so he gets a lot of that in everyday.
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DD is 13mo old, she points and says dis(this). She also says, no,no,no.. Most recently she goes around saying dat, dat..

She is constantly saying ducka,ducka,ducka..I have NO idea what it means tho. She babbles in her own language, it's soo cute and funny!

She used to say mama, dada and baba..but not lately..hmmm

Can't wait for her vocab to expand..she has the cutest little girl voice:

OH! She can also mimic noises I make with my mouth....and she say la-lou (love you) after I tell her I love you.
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My 12 month old says:
oops (sounds like oats )
ight (for light)
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My (almost) 16 month old says mami, dada (or papi), mmmm, no no no (like another poster's child, when he's about to do something he's not supposed to), bebay (baby), do do doooooo (no idea, but adorable!).

Mostly though, he just babbles incomprehensibly. Which suits me (and him, apparently) just fine. He's got his whole life to talk, after all.
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