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how to temporarily boost supply during illness

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i've been sick for over 2 weeks with a nasty virus will all kinds of symptoms. all this fever has really worn me down and i've only been able to eat a tiny bit the past few days and it seems like my milk supply is suffering. what can i do to boost it till i kick this? we live overseas so any name brand products won't do much good, but we can get a good variety of food and herbs here.

i am taking herbal immune boosters (safe in lactation) and also drinking as much as i can.
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I think just nursing as much as you can, keeping up the liquids, eating what you can, and resting are all you really can do for now. Maybe there is someone who can help you with your LO until you are better? Or just to give you a short break to get some extra rest?
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Can you crawl in to bed and Babymoon with DC for a couple of days until you are feeling better?
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aaahhh, i'd love to babymoon again, that's why i miss my mom so much right now because she ran my house for 2 weeks after ds2 was born in March. i have a 5yodd and 3.5yo active ds so i'm resting as i can, but you know. dh helped more today and that helped me get some more rest. now if only he would cook something yummy
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Huh, I just lived through this. My breasts went flat like pancakes and I was terrified that B wasn't getting anything. I just ate as much and drank as much as I could, and nursed on demand, and everything worked out fine. He's EBF, and so we didn't have any solids to fall back on. However, I did have about 6 ounces frozen, so he did get one bottle during that time, but for ~4 days, I was convinced that he wasn't getting anything. Interestingly, even though I took in about 1000 calories over 5 days, he still got what he needed from me and didn't nurse any more frequently than normal. So, try not to stress or worry (I think that made me sicker than I needed to be), our bodies are amazing, and your sweet one will get what he needs.

Oh, and eat anything you can - I spent 3 days eating bites of milkshake. Don't worry about what it is, or the nutritional content or anything. As long as it has calories, get it in ya!
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