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When did your water break?

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I was thinking about how the media always portrays a womens water as breaking in this huge gush in the middle of a store and bam, women is in labor and she knows it. I was thinking about how this is usually not how it happens and in fact is slightly unrealistic. (of course it absolutley can happen that way). So I was just wondering when and how y'alls water broke and if you even realized it.
Mine ended up with a slow leak that I didn't even really realize was the fact that my water had broke until after labor. I never had a huge gush, just a small one, enough that just made me think I wet myself pretty good that time and I had to change my underwear and pants. But I still never thought it was my water. I continued to leak all day and went into labor at three in the morning that morning and had the baby three hours later.
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My water broke as my first sign of labor. I got up in the morning, used the toliet, and as I stood up my water broke. I wasn't sure at first if I just hadn't emptied my bladder but I couldn't stop the water so I knew. And, in retrospect, it was quite obvious.
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I just wanted to clarify that what I meant by unrealistic is that the media tends to portray this as the way it always happens when in fact statiscally that's not true. Most waters break during labor as opposed to the onset of labor. And that's why I was curious how many on here it broke before or during, and if you realized what was happening or not. Mine did actually break at the onset like I said, but it wasn't some huge gush that I even really noticed. But I also believe my OB had stripped my membranes the day before without my permission and that lead to the breaking of my waters first.
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My water didn't break until DD's head was crowning. I arrived at L&D and it was a mad rush as I was ready to deliver at home about 25 mins prior. I was trying not to push and the nurse asked me to sit down on the hospital bed so I could take my shorts and underwear off. When I sat down there was a pop and then a small gush of water. I was about 9 days past my EDD and DD was born pretty dry so I think my fluid was a bit low as I never experienced that huge "gush" that people speak of. It may be that the rest of the fluid didn't come out until I pushed DD out. It was all such a blur at that point.
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DS#1 Water broke and it was the beginning of labor. Story: I was at home talking about what we were going to have for dessert that night () and some dribbled out. I stood up and told DH that either I just peed on myself or my water had broken. More kept coming so I knew it was my water breaking. Contractions started about an hour later - babe born about 22 hours later.

DS#2 Water broke during labor - (was past 4 cm not sure what else). It was a gush! Knew what it was too! Babe was born 20 minutes later.
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My water broke during transition. It was a gush of fluid. My son was born about 45 minutes later.

I always thought the media version was a bit strange.
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Originally Posted by quirkylayne View Post
My water broke as my first sign of labor. I got up in the morning, used the toliet, and as I stood up my water broke. I wasn't sure at first if I just hadn't emptied my bladder but I couldn't stop the water so I knew. And, in retrospect, it was quite obvious.
This same thing happened with me and my first pregnancy. I woke up at night, felt like I needed to have a BM, but nothing would come out. When I stood up off the toilet my water broke. It was an obvious gush and it continued to steadily trickle down my legs as I walked out to the car and rode to the hospital.
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3x mine was broken at the point of crowning and it was a gush - fluid, baby, and all.
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with #1 and #2, my water broke in the middle of the night as i stood up, GUSH!!!!!! water everywhere and wham the contractions started at every 3-5 min apart. it SUCKED!!!

with #3 i was in labor for about 10 hrs when we found out she was transverse and i had a csection, my water never broke before the surgery with her.

i can't wait to see what happens this time LOL.
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I honestly have NO idea.

I was 6 days past "due date" and went to the hospital for a nonstress and ultrasound. I was having contractions, every five minutes or so, but totally managable. The baby's heart rate was dipping with each contraction, they started an IV for fluids to help b/c I was REFUSING pictocin. They REALLY wanted to induce (my nurse was so great BTW in making sure we did EVERYTHING before pictocin).

We went for the ultrasound and the tech told me she could find less than 1 cm of fluid. I had never had excessive leaking, no wet pants, bed, undies, nothing. I don't know WHERE the water went.

During birth, I don't remember any gushes, but don't remember the birth being horribly dry either. What are they symptoms of a dry birth anyway?

In talking to my MW this time, she said unless the ultrasound tech is VERY skilled, water can be difficult to measure at the end of a pregnancy b/c the baby is just taking up so much room.

So I don't know what happened to my water, but it wasn't the movie gush!
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My Mw broke my water at 41w5d after walking around for almost a month at 5cm and 90%......

All my friends who had their water break while at home or out said nothing about the big ol gush you hear about on tv and such.......
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With #1 and #2 I had AROM during labour to augment. With #3 it broke at 33 weeks up at the cottage. Big gush. Baby came a week later, though I had lots of ctx from 33weeks until birth. Never knew whether it was the 'real thing'.
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i was just thinking about movie births, NO ONE would watch a movie with a real length birth in it LOL. most of them are over an hour long

movies have to make it entertaining, so you get the 20-30 min max condensed version. i do love watching how they do births on TV and in movies. cracks me up!!
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Mine were both big gushes. #1 was at home, and despite what I had read his head did not "act like a cork" and keep the fluid from coming out when I was standing. The fluid just never stopped coming out. (So much for the advice "you can wear the clothes home that you wore to the hospital.)
#2 was at the hospital. I was pushing out an apple-size balloon of the bag of waters, they broke it, the water gushed out and the baby came along with it.
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Well as far as the movies go I guess the best way to show labor has started is a big gush of water b/n the womans legs. I guess showing prodromal labor would be a little long and tedious!

And I have to admit something now. I sort of hope that's what happens is the big gush when you stand up to go to the bathroom or something. I dunno know why, I guess it's just that then it's so obvious and exciting that way. Hehe. Mine started by feeling like I had been kicked in the stomach and then the contx were immediatly 1-3 minutes apart and that was that. Of course a big kick in the stomach feeling sort of says "labor has started" just as well I guess.
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I had a moment of un-clarity and asked for my water to be broke at 7cm...

Big mistake, ds's head was malpositioned, and this probably guaranteed my c/s.... I learned from this one....

thank god for MDC, I know better now..
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My water did not brake the midwife broke up at 9cm.. this time around I would like to have my water brake on it's own.=)
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My first two the midwives broke the water when I was around 9-10 cms. With my UC it broke in the pool when I was pushing.
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Mine never broke on it's own. It was broken by my midwife(with my permission) at 8-9 cm to help progress what became a stall in my labor. It didn't even work. I look forward to it breaking on it's own this time.
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I had the media version

I went pee put my clean jammies on, went to crawl into bed and big gush all down my leg. My contractions started full force immediately after. But it kept on gushing as well. I wore a diaper to the hospital to 'try' and stay dry.
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