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I'm officially past my DD

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I feel like I'm the only late mama here. Everyone else is so lucky to have their babies in their arms or on the way. Plus everyone in my birthing class (well, 2 other couples) both went early and were ftm. I'm feeling sorry for myself right now. 'Why does it always have to be me?'

I'm only one day past. Patience never was my strong suit.

I know ftm are often late, but it seems like I'm the only one right now. Oh, poor me. Get out the violins...
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We have the same due date and I'm past now too so you aren't the only one! I'm surprised because I had my daughter a week early and everyone kept telling me they were sure I'd have this baby early (not that I ever believed them but I secretly hoped they were right). I'm so jealous of everyone who's had their babies already!! I want mine!
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If it helps to lessen your frustration, remember that "full term" pregnancy is anywhere between 38 and 42 weeks. So, try not to think of yourself as "overdue" yet, and maybe it won't be as frustrating.

I'm "due" Tuesday, but I realize that the baby is in charge of this one, and he'll come out when he feels ready! Which may be another 2 weeks from now!!
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I'm still a week away from my due date with this one, but for my DS I went to 42 weeks (to the day). Now THAT is a long wait!

I wish I could tell you that it gets better... but it doesn't. Just try not to drive yourself insane with impatience. Keep busy, invite friends over, go for walks, organize a closet, start a project that you really want to finish (make a quilt, refinish a piece of furniture, bake 6 dozen cookies for a homeless shelter, etc).

Don't start trying to naturally induce labor yet, because your body will go into labor when it's good and ready.

So, now that I've imparted that little piece of advice... I should really go think about what project *I* want to start, because I'm going nuts with impatience too!!!
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Thanks for the encouragement, ladies. My mom came into town last night and has actually been a positive distraction so far. (I was worried it would go the other way.)

I'm just so excited to meet this little one!!!
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I'm with ya. I was due on Saturday. I did get acupunture today to try to get things moving though (been having lots of pain-see other thread). I feel better if nothing else. I was driving myself really crazy this week, that's all I could think about. But right now, feeling much more calm about it all. Just hoping there's nothing holding him up healthwise. Also, hoping he isn't getting too heafty in there! Everyone keeps saying how huge he'll be. I feel like he has grown alot in the past week or so.
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I share a due date with you, so am also "late". Though I don't think about it that way...especially since dd1 came at 41 weeks and dd2 at 42 weeks...I'm just hoping this baby comes before 43 weeks!! : I would be seriously insane if that happens.

If it helps, the "average" for ftm is 41w1d...so maybe try to think about that as your new "goal"? It is tough, though, I'm with you on that one!!
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OK- so I'm not the only one

Originally Posted by jenrose9 View Post
I feel like he has grown alot in the past week or so.
I totally feel the same. He is at 0 station yet for the first time I feel like I can't breathe sometimes.

There is a new moon this weekend. Maybe that will draw some of these little ones out?
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waiting is so hard at the end.... I'm not due till the end of the month, and this entire preg. I've been saying she'll probably be late, maybe/probably even a Sept. baby. But now that I'm almost 38 wks.... AND we found out last month that we are moving Sept. 10th-ish, I am seriously PRAYING for this baby to at least be born in Aug! 42 wks would be Sept. 7, and the movers are coming on the 6th!! Where would I homebirth?! LOL We'll see. I have come up w/ a mantra of "The baby will come when she's ready and everything will work out fine--God is in control!" It helps keep me focused.

Good luck w/ the wait. Maybe limit your MDC visits, since our thread is all about the baby announcements these days!
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I just wanted to share my story from my last baby. I was looking in the archives the other day from Violet's ddc, and I was one day late with her. I posted a thread called officially overdue now, or something like that. I posted at 12:09 am. LOL I was 9 minutes "overdue". To be fair I was impatient because my baby before that came at 38 weeks, so I thought for sure she would too. I had to post later that morning an apology to all the mamas who were really late because my water broke at 8 that morning.

Hang in there mamas! It will happen(and remind me of this in a week!).
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I'm late too! I'm new here, first time poster. I was due August 2nd, so I'm 8 days "late" now. This is my first baby, and my mom went late with me, so I had planned on going over anyway. Not too stressed about it, just excited. We are planning a homebirth. Hope everyone is doing well.
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