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Originally posted by erika
, but it seems a bit more steeped in Christianity than even FIAR. I have no problem with Bible stories, etc, but creation science doesn't resonate with me, nor does world history told through the perspective that those civilizations that followed "God's will"(Christianity) succeeded and all the others didn't. The impression I got from the Ambleside website was that it was in line with folks who do have those beliefs. But maybe I'm over-interpreting.
I'm pagan, but I have an easy time taking what works for me and leaving the rest. Most of the books listed on Ambleside are classic books than have nothing to do with religion. I want to base my kids' education on great, living books.

CM style homeschooling is about methods, not content. Nature study, using living books, narration, copy work, creating a book of the centuries, composer study, and picture study are some of the hallmarks of the style, not an adherrance to a particular world view.
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I'm with you on the great, living books part, and i did see a lot of classics on the site. I think what threw me were the books I knew nothing about (Hillyer's Child's History of the World, for instance - which was lauded on the site for supporting a belief in God but criticized for referring to Bible stories as myths) -I am interested in a book covering that material, but when it's on an overtly Christian website it is hard for me to evaluate whether it contains what I am looking for (and that one in particular is not available at our public library). Of course, I'd also like a comprehensive history book for children that doesn't focus on war - and where am I going to find that???
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Have you tried Usborne's book of World History? It's what we use for history and we really like it. It focuses more on the cultures than their conquests (so far at least, we are still in the begining).

I agree with what Linda said about Charlotte Mason, it's all about the methods and attitude, rather than her content (I mean, I wouldn't use materials for science and history that are that old anyway).

I keep a bin of toys for dd to play with during school time- it's her "work", I also allow her to climb in my lap and be part of school when she wants.

As far as the academics of Oask Meadow goes, you can always supplement with a different math or writing program if you feel that area of the program is weak. Just because it comes as a package deal doesn't mean you have to use all of it and nothing else.
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I was originally going to try OM but decided against it after hearing from friends who used it with their kids. They said that the science is wonderful but the spelling/reading lessons were not great and they had to supplement.

My friend with a 4 year old bought the OM package which had 2 books and a set of art supplies. After her son got bored she bought the Calvert pre-K and it came with a huge box of books, worksheets, and art supplies, all for the same cost. Calvert is working a lot better for them, but then it might depend on the child.

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We love the Oak Meadow science for grades 5 and 6. They can be purchased separately.
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Question ---

What is your purpose in using Oak Meadow?

Do you want to educate your child using Waldorf methods?
If so there are more "Waldorf" ways to go.
LIVE curriculum is one that is planned out for you.
Also if you contact Anthroposomorphic (I neve can spell that) Press they have all kinds of books from which you can learn to plan and teach all subjects in a Waldorf way -- alot of work, but interesting. I just purchased a book on teaching Chemistry in grades 7-9 written by a Waldorf teacher.

Oak Meadow is good -- but it is not real and true Waldorf.
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OK, I wish I would've seen this thread before last night. I just ordered the 5th grade curriculum for my son. I just started homeschooling last year and while I'm very "unschoolingish" I kind of worried that we didn't do much at all. I bought a lot of books and kind of pieced them together but didn't really have a plan. I thought if I could do one year of someone planning for me, then I could see how it worked and go from there. Now I'm worried that I made a mistake. I didn't order the kindergarten or First Grade curriculum. I considered it but I really think we have enough stimulating activities here that can teach math and reading. Well, we'll see what this package has to offer and then learn from our mistakes if it doesn't work, I guess.

Thanks for the great info everyone! This is really the best resource!
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We are using the OM Second Grade curriculum with my Kindergartner/First Grader. She loves it and we have been pretty happy. We do supplement with Miquon Math, which she really enjoys. We went very gradually into using it and are still not following it to the letter, though we will be a bit more structured about it in the fall (at least I'm planning to be anyway). I like the way it focuses on the children's hearts and souls (in a non-religious way). I don't think it is for everyone, my son would probably hate it when he gets to this age, but my dd is very interested in nature and animals and doing crafts and handi-work. We also do additional reading than what is recommended in the syllabus. I used "Teach Your Child to Read With Children's Books" as a basis for how I plan those "lessons." I have no complaints. I like that you don't have to buy the entire curriculum package and can pick and choose what you want. There were books I could easily get at the library or second-hand that I didn't want to pay for. Since we are easing into a more ecclectic style from an unschooling approach OM was a great choice for us.
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Thanks! That's good to know! I'm anxiously awaiting my package. I guess if he doesn't love it then I won't do it next year. I really think my dd would like it, though.
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Does someone have a URL for the Live ed you were talking about, I did a google search and can't find it......please help.

edited to say...nevermind, i found it....
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What is the URL for it? Thanks!
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