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Ultrasound Results!

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I know a lot of people on MDC think you shouldn't have an early ultrasound, but I am seriously showing and I'm going to have to tell people at work soon. I just can't keep hiding it. Before I tell them, I wanted to make sure I really was pregnant and everything looked good. I am between 5 weeks 1 day and 5 weeks 5 days today and everything looks great! Of course it is too early to measure the fetus, but the gestational sac is in my uterus and looks good. My left ovary looked good and she was unable to find my right ovary, but she said that happens sometimes (I'm overweight so that might have something to do with it). She only saw one gestational sac, but she said my fundus was very high. I guess that's why I'm showing so early! I've been pregnant once (DS), have no history of fibroids, and she made no mention of cysts. Does anyone know why I would have such a high fundal measurement?

This whole pregnancy is really starting to feel real now!!! :
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Congrats! How exciting! Don't worry...deep down, I would love to have an u/s to see my little bean. I just don't have a good reason to just yet.
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I'm having one done at 7-8 weeks and I can't wait! With ds I did the 4d u/s and it was so cool. I'm glad I did it because I will have them forever, and I won't be able to afford it again.

I'm glad all looks great. I'm sure it is a big weight off your back. Did you get pictures to take home?
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Deleted by user.
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No pictures, unfortunately I've always felt I would have multiples, and it felt like I ovulated twice this month (left and right, six days apart). But since we only saw one gestational sac on the ultrasound, I'm not even sure multiples are a possibility anymore. Regardless, I'm thrilled that things look good!

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You know if getting an U/S is what you needed to feel better then I see nothing wrong with it. I'm glad everythings going so well and you're feeling so positive!
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Yay! Congrats! I'm having my first u/s next Thursday to make sure the babe is in the right place and doing well, and I'm in desperate need of some reasurrance, nothing wrong with that!
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I'm having an u/s next wednesday. I can't wait! I took Clomid to conceive, so I imagine they're checking to see if there's more than one in there.
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Thanks to everyone for being so supportive! I was afraid I would start some flame thread about early u/s. I did do plenty of reading about the pros and cons before I made my decision. Regarding the high fundus, I was wondering if maybe my C-section last time could have something to do with it? Other ideas? I x-posted on the birth professionals board, but no one has responded

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congrats mama!!

i too am having an u/s on the 22nd. i went back and forth between thinking i should get one and not feeling like it was necessary. but someone mentioned that since i am unsure of my dates that it could be important at the end, to know if i am 35 or 37 weeks should labor start early. since i am having a homebirth i figured i would like to know when i need to worry, yk? so i went with it.

i had a ton of u/s with the twins. 2 early ones and at least monthly from 16 weeks on, and as frequent as twice a week toward the end.

eta: no idea on the fundal height. could it just be that this is not your first pg? i know the bump starts stickin out sooner for subsequent pg. sorry, i hope you aren't too worried about it, and if you are, please talk to your mw/dr. hugs.
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