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Jaiden's Jubilee

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I have an Ultimate Gusset Diaper and a custom appliqued fleece cover. Angie's work is top-notch, and her customer service is *wonderful*. She works really closely with you on custom work to make sure you get exactly what you want.

I find the fit of her dipes a little on the bulky side. However, my ds is on the lower end of the weight range still, and has a short rise. The Ultimate Gusset works great! We just got the cover today and haven't used it yet, but I'm sure it'll be fine; and it's just darling!
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I have an ultimate gusset diaper, and the workmomship is perfect, not a stitch out of place. I do find the sizing to run big, my 17lber doesn't even come close to fitting into the Med. (15-28lb) It is really big through the legs. This AIO was a little bulky, but a good fit on my 30lber, however. I can't comment on absorbancy, but the inside of the diaper is super soft. I can't wait until it fits.
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I won a Trim Fits AIO from Angie's website, and she shipped it to Japan for free! It is well made and looks very comfortable. It leaked once for us when I accidentally let it get soaked, but only once, and we have used it well for months and months since then without a recurrence. There is a pocket for stuffing the soaker if you want to use it for long naps or super soakers.

The design is a rare thing in the diapering world--unique and very well thought-out! I really like that the outer is PUL, the inner is microfleece, and there is still room for cute. You'll have to check out her pictures on the website to understand how it works, but it does work. The sewing is impeccable. I still turn it over every time my daughter wears it, trying to figure out how it is sewn. Remarkable!

The only downsides to this diaper that I can see are that her fabric choice is quite limited (she is willing to give a discount if you send your own fabric, though, so I guess the sky is the limit if you do that.), and the edges of the fold-back laundry tabs are a *tiny* bit rough, but not enough to avoid buying. Angie is wonderfully pleasant and communicates quickly.

I would highly recommend these!
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