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Has anyone here participated? Are you planning to do so this year (I think it's in November)? I just got a book by the guy that created nanowrimo and it's a lot of fun. I might even do my own trial run before then. Any experiences you'd like to share?
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I did it last year. It is a lot of fun. I loved it. I think it works out to something like 2,000 words per day. I read a tip last year to write 5,000 the first day. So, I did that. Starting out a little ahead kept me a little ahead the whole month, even when I had days where I didn't write as much as I should. But, I was surprised at how fast the words came once I got into the flow of it. I am doing it again this year for sure.

We had a thread about it here last year. There were several MDC mamas that participated.
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I signed up last year, but my son was born in October so it wasn't really feasible. I'm planning to go for it this year. I've got a story idea, but I'm not going to write a single word of it til November 1st. I love the idea of doing it all in one month.
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I did it a few years ago, before I had kids! I doubt I'd be able to do it now. The "book" I wrote was really awful too, though I think it could be something if I tried!
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This will be my third year and hopefully this time I'll finish. I haven't even finished my previous efforts. End of November I run out of steam.:

The best advice I can give is to write something, even just one word, a day. And know that what you write is going to be crap, so don't worry about editing. If there's something you really want to change, go back to the spot and type it in a different color, highlight what you want to take out in another color, but don't delete anything. You can decide later what you really want to get rid of and keep.
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mamabebe - That is good advice. That's what everyone recommends in the Nano forums, which get pretty busy the closer to Nov it gets. Deleting just wastes time. Most people recommend that you don't do any edits. I barely even reread as I went last year. Sometimes I would reread the previous days work just to get myself back into the flow.

I think they actually have a planned month to do edits - March, perhaps. I'm not sure as I didn't do it. I think I'm shelving last years novel permanently. It was my first novel, so I was getting a feel for it and it would need too much work. This year, I've got a better idea of what I'm doing. I've got my idea and will try to figure out who the main character and supporting characters are ahead of time.

It is doable. I think anyone can do it. It's just a matter of pacing yourself, not letting yourself skip too many days of writing and not comparing yourself to anyone else. It can get discouraging to see people who have completed it in the first week!

But, I had a system that worked for me last year. I would do my writing for the day, then jot out a quick outline for the next days writing. I generally started a new chapter each day, so I would write down who was in the next scene, what their goal for that scene was, how I wanted it to end and a few other details. This gave me an excellent starting point for the next day and made it so much easier to sit down and type.

Completing it last year was such a rush - it seriously is right up there with the big moments in my life - childbirth, marriage, graduations and finishing Nanowrimo!

I am EXCITED to do it again!
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Very cool! I'm looking forward to doing it this year I'll follow all your tips, too.
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I've done this a few times...I've never finished, but I've gotten really close. I find it very liberating to allow myself to write crap. And crap is what I wrote, but I had fun. Which for me is just as important as finishing. I'm going to try it again this year too.
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March is indeed National Novel Editing Month. And December is Unofficial National Novel Finishing Month.

I like the idea of outlining the next day's work. That would really help me when I have an idea of what I want to write next, but the words haven't come to me.

I've got an idea for this year. In my head it's a complicated children/young adult fantasy novel, so I should probably start outlining now. And doing some research for it before November.

Another thing is that dialogue is great for increasing your word count and is way more interesting than long bits of exposition. Instead of saying "Michelle was wearing an ugly orange shirt", have two characters discuss Michelle's shirt. It's also more in line with the way people really talk and behave.

The NaNoWriMo forums are a great way to get advice and support. They're still active now, as people prepare for November.
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