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Epidural and Vbac?

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Has anyone considered an epidural while vbac-ing? I want a natural birth but honestly am scared after my last experimence. I was heavily induced which I have heard makes the contrations harder not to mention I was bed-ridden from the beginning of my 27 hour hospital labor. I just hope to go into labor naturally at home and labor there for most of it this time. Obviously, I won't be induced- again but just wondering if anyone had ever had an epidural during a vbac?
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Yes, I had one & it went very well. I know it is not a popular option here at MDC, but in my situation it was necessary & very helpful. I had a successful vbac & a healthy daughter. Best wishes to you...
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I am seriously considering this option as well. I flat out will refuse pitocin or (heaven forbid) Cytotech or any "chemical" induction methods, but I am giving some deep thought to the epidural, at least towards the end.

With my c/sec, I didn't find my labor stalling at all once given an epidural. I had labored long and hard naturally, and I was getting "stuck" at around 5 cm. I was exhausted and in my case, sick as a dog as well, so the epidural allowed me to rest and I quickly dilated the rest of the way.

I'm not saying I will, and I'm not saying I won't. How's that for helpful? But if there was one thing I learned from my first birth experience, it's that labor is not something you can control, you really have to flow with it. If I find myself too exhausted, or fighting my body too much, I will take the epidural. Quite frankly, my priority is to have a vaginal birth first and foremost. Intervention-free would be icing on the cake!
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