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Snake skin Identification?

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Does anyone know where to go to I.D a snake skin found in our yard?

Honestly I thought it was a stick until the, very upset at seeing it, dog dragged me over closer to it. Even when it was evident that it was harmless the dog was still all worked up and kept between me and the skin.

I'm proud of the dog though, and the kids are going nuts not knowing what kind of a snake left the skin.


ETA: Oh, are there any special things we should do like not touch it or always wash hands after handling the skin or what? As far as I thought I knew a snake skin was pretty safe to handle. Dh on the other hand things that it's up there with hazardous waste.
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Have you gone to www.enature.com Pretty fun place
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I just recently went to a snake talk with the boys at one of our city parks. Apparently there are many ways to tell what kind of snake skin it is. You need to look at the pattern of scales left on the snake skin. Different snakes have different scale patterns. Maybe there is a book on snakes in the library (and you could narrow it down by what kind snakes are in your regions.) I've never had a problem handling snake skins and they always seem very clean. From what I understand, snakes are pretty clean animals and we are apparently more danger to them, germ-wise, if we handle them than they are to us.
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No idea (other than taking it to a nature centre) but I wanted to say what a cool find that is. My kids would be thrilled.
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First, find out what the options are; if you live in even a modestly-developed area, there probably aren't that many species in your neighborhood. Once you've figured out who the usual suspects are, get some pictures of them and compare; scale patterns can be distinctive, especially on the head, and there are usually (in my experience, anyway) at least faint pigment patterns left on a shed skin.
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Well s far what I've gotten (from a local friend and online) it isn't a viper! That is good to know.

There is a neat color pattern (really faint but there) in the skin so I have that to go by as well. I just can't believe that my state hasn't put up a way to identify critters online. They don't even have a full list on line of the differant kinds of snakes in the state.

I just told Dh that it was a skin from a garden snake since we are in a *kind* of urban area. (think old military base in a smaller town surrounded by god knows how many mile of farms before you could think about hitting the next real city.)

The skin doesn't have the head but from the looks of it the snake in question was about three feet long give or take.

I will check out the site that was linked by a PP, thank you for that.
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