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How's it going, mama?

I was the photographer at the birth of a friend who had long labours. It was her third child, but she was in active labour for darned near a week! I'm not saying it wasn't exhausting or that I don't have a lot of respect and admiration for this amazing woman, but for her it was normal and she and her son were both fine. He was born at home with midwives in attendance and she had an enormous crew of doulas and support people to tag-team and even had a party atmosphere of lot of other kids to play with her older kids in the yard (supervised, of course).

I'm not going to post the length of my own labours on this thread (they're easy enough to find elsewhere) but my favourite was unexpectedly long for a third birth compared to his older sisters' and I did NOT appreciate exy joking about wanting me to hurry up so he wouldn't miss his ball game on the teevee. The longer labour was more comfortable for me and made it easier to stay on top of things and cherish each moment. The child was also more alert and active than his sisters, which might have had something to do with the vaginal muscles having time to clear the fluid out of his lungs and get him ready for life earethside.
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The most important thing is what do you think?

Sending you peaceful birthing thoughts.
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thinking of you! I hope to read an update soon!
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Sending you positive labor vibes!
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edge of my seat! +++ birthy vibes!! smooth and easy!
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checking in and thinking of great things!
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Hope all is well, anxioulsy awaiting an update!
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Hoping your babe-mooning!!
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Hope you're joyfully holding your new babe by now.
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Yep. First babies especially can tak a long time to come. I was in labor with #1 for 29 hours, from real labor contractions to baby in arms. For DP, it was 36 hours.
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you can do it!
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Originally Posted by Unoppressed MAMA Q View Post
checking in and thinking of great things!
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Me too.

Hope you and the yours are doing well. Update us when you can.
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Thinking of you, hope all is well!
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My first took a long time too. Just chill, go for a walk, enjoy yourself for awhile. Go wander around a park or something. Seriously, you'll be ok. Just breathe, take each contraction as it comes, and RELAX. Your baby will come when he (or she!) is ready.

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haven't forgotten about you!
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Still cheering for you, mama! to you and baby!
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