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Rh negative blood and homebirth

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Anyone on here have Rh- bloodtype and have a successful homebirth? If I sound stupid, sorry. I have had four natural hospital births and this is my first attempt at a homebirth. I have no positive antibodies from my other kids, my youngest was + bloodtype. I was just wondering if anyone knew if this ever caused problems in a homebirth, or if you had any advice.

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I haven't personally.
But my good friend is getting ready any day now for her 3rd homebirth and she is Rh- and has never had any problems.
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I'm not in your ddc, but Nina told me about this thread. I have had 2 hospital births, and am due tomorrow with my third(about to be homebirthed) baby.

Are you planning on having a midwife? If so you can get the Rhogam shot from her(she will administer it), or I am sure if you are free birthing you could just go into the docs office or somewhere, and have one administered.

That is if you want the Rhogam shot. I had both the 28 week one and the popst natal one with my first two kiddos, then just the post natal with my third, and last time I did not get one at all. All of my kids are positive blood type. I am still debating getting one or not after the birth of this baby, but I did not get the routine 28 weeker.

There is a good book out there called Anti-D in Midwifery by Sara Wickham that I am reading that is very interesting about the Rh factor and effectiveness of Rhogam. I was tested for antiboties during this pregnancy and was fine.

GOod luck mama!
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You guys are great! I just talked to a friend of mine today who has delivered 6 babies at home and she is RH- and her mother delivered nine with the same thing! I was so encouraged! Rhogam is useless unless administered within 72 hours after mixing blood with Rh + baby, so getting it at 28 weeks is useless. I've never had it. They didn't even know I was negative until I was pregnant with baby #4, which is odd. Oh well. And yes, I'm planning on having a midwife. I was just hoping the one I contacted wouldn't turn me down for that reason.
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I have Rh- blood and I am an apprentice midwife.
What we do is we find out the mama's blood type if she doesn't already know it. If she is negative, we find out the partner's blood type.
If she is negative with a positive partner, then when the baby is born we get cord blood, we type the baby's blood with an Eldon card and then if the baby is Rh+, we give Rhogham within 72 hours.
Having prenatal rhogham in unnecessary unless there is a cause for concern(bleeding from an activity or something like that) or in the event of a miscarriage.
Both of my boys were negative like me and my partner is positive. I never needed rhogham except when I had a miscarriage.
I have not known of a midwife to turn down a negative mama and I would see no reason to do it.
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I have had a homebirth with RH- blood. I got the Rhogam after both births and also after my losses.

If we are blessed with another baby I will decline the Rhogam because DH will be getting a vasectomy and sensitization in future pregnancies won't be an issue ... since there will not be any future pregnancies.
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I've had two great homebirths, one assisted, one not, and I'm Rh-. Dh is + and both our kids are +. I had Rhogam after each birth and after my loss. There might be issues if mom tests positive for the antibodies, but otherwise it seems it's all super routine.
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I've had 2 homebirths and I'm O negative. The first time I got the shots while I was pregnant and probably after the birth (I forget), the 2nd time I got the shot after the birth only. Or did I? I think I did...
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I am RH- and dh is +. With my first, I planned a homebirth but transferred during labor. I declined the prenatal profilactic (sp?) rhogam shot. After birth, I had them test ds's cord blood. He is also RH-, but had he been + I would have gotten the post-natal rhogam shot. Had I succeeded in having a homebirth, my midwife would have had the cord blood tested so my plan regarding the rhogam didn't change.

I'm planning another homebirth and I'll do the same regarding the Rh issue. If I do have bleeding during the pregnancy, I will consider getting the profilactic dose.
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My midwife made it clear that rh- was not a "risk out" factor - we'd just figure out what to do. We're having my blood type tested just in case, but I think I'm O+ so it shouldn't be a factor. Good luck!
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My problem isn't planning for a rhogam shot for a next baby. This is my last baby, and I refused rhogam with the number four. I didn't even know I was RH- until my fourth pregancy, so I've not had problems before. I'm just nervous about homebirth anyway, since it's my first. I just wondered if anyone else had my issue and had not had rhogam, and wasn't planning to, and still delivered successfully at home.

Thanks ladies! You have all been so helpful and loving! Bless you all!
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Refusing Rhogam for this pregnancy won't make any difference in the outcome of this pregnancy or birth (unless you possibly have a "sensitizing event", such as a bleed, during the pregnancy). The only issue is whether or not you are sensitized to Rh+ blood (have antibodies against the Rh factor) already. If you are not sensitized, then this pregnancy should be no different that any of your previous ones, and has no bearing on the suitability of homebirth. If you are, then a Rh+ baby could be affected in utero. You can find out if you are sensitized by doing titres (bloodwork to check for the antibodies). I am not sure exactly what the treatment is for Rh- women who have antibodies against the Rh factor who are or who may be carrying a Rh+ baby. I think it involves monitoring and I suppose (just guessing here) that the decision of birth place who be largely determined by the condition of the baby. In any case, I think you have an excellent chance of everything going well; you've had (at least) four pregnancies without Rhogam and apparently have not been sensitized yet. I am surprised that you only found out that you were Rh- during your last pregnancy, especially since this will be your first homebirth. Didn't they do any bloodwork for you in the past? Or did you have strange results or some such?
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Yeah, I know it sounds really strange to not know. It's an odd story, really. I did some research after I found out to figure out why there was confusion and I found some interesting facts. Apparently, soy can cause a false positive on the Rh blood test, which I was a 9 year vegetarian when my first son was born, so they thought I was A+ and told me so.

I had a different midwife for my other three, and I told her I was A+, so I don't know if she even tested my blood type, but I wasn't vegetarian by that point, but still eating a LOT of soy products, so it could have still been affecting the test. If not, then I have absolutely no explanation why they didn't find it with baby 2 and 3.

Baby 4 was the one it came back -, and my midwife actually redid the test three times because she didn't believe it. The lab told her something about a new test that was way more sensitive, so apparently I have Rh- blood. I thought I was just a freak of nature and my blood proteins mutated or something. But after no cool X-men abilities developed, they just monitored my antibodies. Baby 4 was Rh +, but had no complications. I don't know what type the other 3 have, or this baby, obviously. They did do bloodwork about a month ago, and she either said antibodies were non-existent or low, I can't remember.

Weird, eh?
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Yeah, that's crazy! : Sorry if my last post was a bunch of stuff you already know. I have been veggie for 10 years and I eat a fair bit of soy. I don't think I've ever gotten any blood test that said anything other than A-. Crazy. Maybe your midwife will want to repeat the titres later in the pregnancy; if there aren't any antibodies I'd think you'll be fine.
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