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All Hail to the Miracle Blanket!

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We finally dug out ds's old miracle blanket and tried it last night. We had tried swaddling her before but she has super strong arms and always got out of our swaddles...which is pretty amazing because we consider ourselves experts in swaddling since ds was swaddled until he was 9 mos old. Anyways she couldn't get out of the miracle blanket and she slept for FIVE HOURS! I think she would have slept longer than that but my breasts were absolutely bursting so I woke her up. Then she slept another 3 hours and again I had to wake her because my parents are in town and we were going out to breakfast and I wanted to nurse her before we left (not that it mattered, I nursed her, we got there 10 mins later and she needed to nurse again lol).
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I am headed out RIGHT FRAKING NOW to buy one!!!

Seriously, that's awesome! Jeffrey loves to be swaddled, but he always wiggles his hand up to his face and wakes himself up.
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We love our straightjacket.. err swaddler... too!
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Yes, praise be to the swaddle-o-matic. I am totally swaddling challenged, and DH bought me two from Kiddopotamus. They saved us (and probably Liam) for a couple of weeks. Plus, one is green, so- with his hair that sticks up out of it- he looks like a caterpiller. I started calling him my very hungry caterpiller and reciting the Carle book to him while I bundled him up.

I think Mr. Liam is beginning to outgrow his already. Or else the velcro is failing. He can fight his way out of it now, and the power of the swaddling seems to have less power over him.
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Bella really won't sleep unless she is in her swaddle me blanket. That thing calms her down when nothing else will!
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Last night and this morning, a new era has dawned. I am apparently NOT allowed to swaddle. He's been sleeping, in his playpen, for over an hour now. Unswaddled. He's already getting older!
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My milk started coming in on Thursday and my grumpy guy morphed into little Mr. Mellow. Between a full belly and the Kiddopotamus swaddler, he's been SLEEPING AT NIGHT for the past two nights. Yahoo!

Add in a flashlight under my pillow so I can latch him on side lying for the middle of the night feedings and I feel fairly well rested myself. I sure hope this is a pattern not a fluke!
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We bought two of them because I'm terrible at swaddling with a receiving blanket and dd slept so great when she was swaddled. I used one twice right after Thomas was born & haven't since. He sleeps great without it! I can even lay him down wide awake in the co-sleeper and he falls asleep! :

If I knew where they were I'd be happy to pass mine on to somene else.
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i was going to ask who actually swaddles. I never swaddle, b/c carrying her around with the blanket coming off/unwrapping/half up to her freakin' neck annoys me. I got rid of it on day 2. BUT... I'm thinking now that maybe I should try it for naptime and bedtime. She sleeps pretty good, but never 5 hours straight, yet. I'D LOVE THAT!!! We'll see!
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