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Opinions on my theories?

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I'm 14 dpo, have gotten evaps or superfaint positives for 4 days now. (btw, hate the hpt's here, they have freaking dots instead of lines : ). They're not getting any darker. In 3 previous pregnancies (of which 2 were m/c) I had faint + at day 10-11. On day 10-11 I had cramping. My normal lp is 12, 13 days max. So here goes:
Theory 1: the tests are faint + and there is/was a pregnancy, but it's not "sticking" and I will get af or early m/c soon.
Theory 2: there was a late implantation when I had the cramping on day 10-11, the current tests are evaps, and my bfp is still to come.
Theory 3 (I guess the most likely, if the least dramatic): I'm simply having a longer lp than usual, the tests are evaps, and I'll get af soon

Any thoughts? Can implantation happen that late?
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Are you always using the same brand of hpt? What brand(s) are you using? Do the positives ever disapear?
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what about this: you are getting faint positives because it is early and the tests have little pigment, and in 2 days you'll get a more definitive BFP?
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i believe implantation usually occurs 7-10dpo, so it doesn't seem outside the realm of possibility that the cramps were implantation. some women have cramping during early pg, after implantation (myself included). so maybe the cramps were just pg cramps? either way, if you're still having indecipherable results by the begining of the week and no sign of af, maybe you should see the doctor for a blood test. GL!
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Thanks for your replies. The brand I've been using is called "predictor", and one of the 4 was a "generic" that looked exactly the same. This is the first time ttc in this country (Belgium) and it seems you can't just walk in any drugstore and get a bunch of different brands. If this cycle isn't it, I'm gonna order some online, this is driving me : Not only that, they're about 15-20 dollars a piece!!
Anyways, temp's still up this morning, but I didn't poas. I'll probably go get one for tomorrow or Monday tho..
I hope one of you is right, anna or pazerific!
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Whoa! I found a different test, this one with lines, and it is the real deal!! Unmistakable bfp! Now hoping for a sticky one...
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Yay!!! That's wonderful news! Sending sticky dust your way...
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Thank you! So far so good..
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Congrats on your BFP!!!
: :

Maybe you didn't get the BFP until late because you Oed later than you thought... but, that's all irrelevant now that you have a BFP!! ALthough, I guess if you wanted an exact EDD before you are far along enough in the pg for the doctor to tell, knowing your exact O date could be helpful. It all depends on how crazy obsessive you feel like getting.

I can't believe you have to deal with "dot" tests over there. Yikes. I mean, I see lines that aren't there so easily. I can only imagine how easy it would be for my crazy-ttc-eyes to see imaginary dots. : I can see them right now just staring at a blank sheet of paper.

(Maybe I should clean my glasses.)
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