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Dipes for a newborn

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It's been a while since I cd'd a baby, and I've never cd'd a newborn! So please--help me out here. I just think my prego brain is sucking out any decision -making abilities I may have.

I think I've decided to do mostly unbleached prefolds with snappis and covers. How many though? I know my bfed babies had to "go" everytime they nursed in the beginning--that could be 12 or more diapers a day. I do have laundry at home, and could do a load a day if I had to.

Which leads me to my second question: how many covers? With my son, I think we changed the cover every 2nd time, unless it was a messy poopy one. But is it less necessary for a newborn? Or more necessary?

Third question: How long before your newborn outgrew the infant sized prefolds and covers?

Fourth question: I plan to use fitteds only occasionally for the newborn size...how many would you buy? (I'm trying to be frugal here! LOL)

Thanks all for your help. I really appreciate it!
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Mostly with DD I used doublers I had on hand from DS. He was in disposables as a newborn and infant. The doublers worked really well but we needed 6-8 covers to make it through the messy poops.

Maybe for fitteds try one of the two size systems(Liz's cloth). I really love them for DD. They hold in the poop and really soak up great. I am planning to convert to those only and AIO's should help out with DH too.

I can't offer any advice on the growth. Our daughter is special needs and due to her heart condition she isn't growing yet.

Hope some of this was helpful.
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Nina is 8 weeks old...

I started out with 7 kissaluvs (size 0) and 24 infant cpfs. I sold the kissaluvs and now use only the cpfs, plus one small happy heiny, which was a gift. I tell ya, I would use all happy heinys if it wasn't such a big investment!

I trifold the cpf the "wrong" way and lay it flat in a cover--I use Bummis SWW. We had very few leaks in the first month. We could use one cover practically all day long. We are now getting to where we're changing the cover every 2-3 changes. So, I recommend 8-10 covers.

She won't outgrow the cpfs anytime soon, so long as I continue doing the trifold. I have not managed to master other folds with a snappy.

I'm also diapering a toddler (all pocket dipes), and I wash every other day.
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I used a diaper service for my daughter until she grew into her borhter's old medium diapers (about 5 months old).

I am really glad I chose a diaper service and here were my reasons:

You never know how big your baby is going to be when born, so it's so hard to know what size to buy. If you have a premie or a 12 pounder you know you are not waisting money on diapers that don't fit.

Babies grow SO FAST those first couple months, and with a diaper service you don't have to worry about buying the next size up every 2 weeks, or trying to get prefolds that clearly don't fit - to fit just a bit longer! I just called them up and requested a bigger size when ever she outgrew hers. In 5 months we went through about 3 sizes!

Life is so busy those first few months that ANYTHING that saves time is great, in my book! The diaper service we used picked up the diapers on Friday morning and delivered new ones at the same time. The ONLY work I had was putting the clean diapers away, and keeping clean ones on baby! And, I washed my own covers (which, I rented).

My package was 80 diapers a week, with 6 covers rented. It worked great for us.

Now that my daughter is older, I like the flexibility of washing my own diapers - and that I can have some fun AIO's and fitteds too. It did get boring using white prefolds with a white cover for every changing. :LOL

Good luck and congrats!
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When James was born, I thought I'd want to use all Kissaluvs. But, when he arrived, I always reached for the infant prefolds first. LOL I honestly liked them better, and he only wore his Kissaluvs maybe 2 times each.

We used the newspaper fold with a Snappi and didn't have many leaks onto the cover at all. I loved the Bumpy wool cover and small ME Airflows. Although, at first, only the newborn Proraps were small enough to fit around his little legs.

We had 2 dozen infant prefolds, and ideally, I'd have liked one more dozen. We switched to Premium Prefolds when he was around 6 weeks old because he outgrew the absorbency of the infants by that age. LOL We've stuck with prefolds till now (he's 5 months) we're moving to fitteds and AIOs (he's getting squirmy with the diaper changes, so I want to make it easier, LOL!)

For covers, I think 6-10 newborn covers is a good idea.
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just bumping this back up, since I am also interested in what everyone has to say...
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Thanks everyone!!

I really appreciate the time you took to answer my questions. I am seeing a trend here--that others think that prefolds and covers w/ snappis are a good idea.

Chrfath--that's a great idea, with the doublers!! I'll have to try that out--it would certainly help cut down on some of the bulk of the laundry. I will also check out Liz's cloth--the idea of a 2 size system appeals to me.

Justine--I used BSWW with prefolds with my son, and loved them!! I used the aplix fasteners and think I'll stick to them for a squirmy newborn.

safemommy--do you mind telling me how much your diaper service was a month? If it's affordable, it will certainly be a consideration...at least for the early months.

Thanks again--can't wait to see a little tiny cloth-diped butt!
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Kim, I knew you were going to ask me that! I was going to type it in, but I was making so many changes all the time that I don't KNOW what the monthly average was!

I THINK it came to around $13 a week for 80 prefolds, and then I rented the covers which were extra.

The service I used was a North Carolina service at www.babybiz.com. I'd check in your yellow pages for laundry services and diaper services (this service had a HUGE part of their business laundering uniforms and hospital laundry too).

Diaper Services do use bleach - and when I'd throw my cloth wipes in with the diapers, they came back white no matter what color they went in as. :LOL Ours used bacteriostat as well, which helped prevent diaper rash and helped keep diapers from smelling. I did not have to ever rince a diaper out...just throw poo and all in the pail. I always got my same diapers back again, unless they were torn then they'd be replaced. So in otherwords, they did not wash them with other baby's diapers. And, there were several different things that were electronically added to the water so that if your baby did develop a rash, you could call them up and they would change the solution of water for that week. An independant lab was always testing the diapers too.

Anyway, if you are doing it for the environment, then a diaper service is probably not much better than disposables. But, for convinience and health of baby, I really loved using a diaper service in the begining.

Good luck! Let me know if I can help further.
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