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Congratulations on your pregnancy, PurpleMonkey! I stopped working at 25 weeks (I'm 29 weeks now). I don't know if you picked up this book during your Borders shopping spree, but I'd suggest prioritizing and first reading "When you're expecting twins, triplets, or quads" by Dr. Barbara Luke. It gives a bunch of information that other books don't touch on, including lots of good nutrition information, which is important so that you can build the babies' weight up earlier in case they're born early. You mentioned your work being in the dark about twin pregnancies- twin pregnancies are usually induced at 38 weeks to avoid complications from placenta(s) breaking down, etc., so it really is unrealistic for your work to expect you to go until your due date. Of course, there are plenty of other reasons why it probably wouldn't be in your best interest to go that long, as pp mentioned. Anyway- best wishes for a healthy pregnancy to you!
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i worked to 31 wks but had a desk job. it was still hard to have to get up and get from the car into the building and then back out at the end of the day. and getting around the building to stretch legs or get to the bathroom when i'd waited too long and the bh contx were in process was brutal!
i've had bh for the last 12 wks and they have done nothing to hasten labor or change my cervix.
i have a 4 yo at home and its been still hard at times at home with him but we manage and just take life slowly (37.5 wks now). i try to rest when i need to and have been blessed with a trauma free pregnancy - not that its been comfortable by any means, just no ptl or pre-e or bedrest etc.

you need to listen to your body everyday. even short breaks and putting your feet up, or better yet lying down for 20-30 minutes will help you make it successfully through the day. if you feel bad you need to stop right then and rest, don't keep going because it will be much harder to regroup.

the right protein (100-120+g, read the parts of the Luke book about nutrition asap) and fluid intake (drink water all day long) will do the most to keep you and babies healthy and close to full term. learn to anticipate your protein and fluid needs early and eat proactively. i've ended up eating about 7 small meals a day and have found that i'm now used to a schedule. when i eat the right stuff at the right times i never crash.

and specifically about work, talk with your managers or HR about working until you feel that you need to stop. flexibility is important if its possible. you may literally wake up one day and feel like you just can't do it anymore and they need to respect that because it is a health issue for your and babies. stopping early may be hard on the paycheck (i'm a contractor with no benefits so no work and i get nothing) but healthy babies are going to make life so much easier in the long run, you can make more money later.
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Originally Posted by PurpleMonkey View Post
I am 31, first pregnancy EVER, and husband and I just found out last week we are having fraternal twins!

I am now almost 16 weeks

I am an RN (nurse) who works at least 3 13-14-hour shifts per week. Basically I am on my feet from 6AM to 10PM at night if you include I walk home from work as well etc. I don't actually sit down until about 10:30PM at night! Now I'd planned to work all the way through to my due date January 28th, but since the news of twins I am terrified of an early preterm birth

the days I work NOW I already feel like a tightness in my belly some times during the day (especially later in the day). I don't know what Braxton Hicks are supposed to feel like but needless to say it scares me

what are your recommendations? I have YET to read all the twins books we picked up from Borders this week!

(I am sad also I can't be seen by my midwife because in my state if you are having twins you're considered "high risk" automatically. My OB appt. is this next Tues.)
Read Anne Frye's section on twins in Holistic Midwifery.

And if you can....my suggestion is to put in your notice asap.
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I'm very new here (first post!), but just wanted to give my quick story. I own and run a restaurant which has me working in really hot conditions and on my feet for long periods of time in stressful situations. I worked up until Sunday, August 12 and had my twins via scheduled c-section on Tuesday, August 14 at 38 weeks (we're closed Mondays or I would've probably worked then too). I did have one L&D visit right around 34 weeks but that was due to dehydration (it had been in the 100's all week and I just could not drink enough water).

I really made a point of listening to my body and knowing that pregnancy is not a disease state! I already have two boys (7 and 4) so this wasn't my first time at this whole thing.

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