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Originally Posted by BamBam'sMom View Post
Everyone says second babies come sooner, but I read that caucasian women actually tend to go longer with each pregnancy.

Man I hope that is not true for me..

My mom went 2wks early with me but I think she may have been induced?

My sister went 2wks early with her second...

I'd love to continue this trend, (without being induced)
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I don't know if I will or not...

I'm currently 4cm and 80-90% (depending on if you talk to the MW or the OB) but I don't put much stock in it since I walked around at 5cm and 90% with dd#1 3 years ago for a month and ended up delivering at 41w5d (induced bc I couldn't walk anymore bc of all the pressure and pain I was having....i think she would've stayed in there indefinatly.....she tells me she liked it in there bc it was warm and cozy)....

I've had alot more Bh's this go round and they are increasingly painful.....

I can't walk too far, can't put my shorts/panties on without sitting down first, it even hurts to lift my feet out of them when they are on the floor when getting ready for bed.....

Baby has dropped but I still have my plug...not slivering off like it did with dd...

I hope to go this weekend bc MY mw is on call all weekend and the OB I like (if my MW was unavailable for some reason he's like an OBMW...LOL)

She won't be on call again until 2-3days after my due date but after all the HG and the midwest summer, I don't think I can handle going over the due date (we know when conception happened bc it was the only time we did it that month...) this time...

We'll see...I am ready for her to come but not ready to give up the kicks/rolls from inside (she is our last) or share dd yet.......
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Well, if I were only going on my physical symptoms, I'd be inclined to think I'm going early. BUT, I thought that the last 2 times and was wrong both times. I was 2 weeks late with dd and 1 week late with ds -- induced both times for different reasons. (I'm excited to go into labor naturally for once, even if it is late! )

Sooo, I'm mentally preparing myself for the long haul. Like Doulamom7, I'm determined not to make myself miserable by expecting to be early or even on-time. Yeah, I'm low and having lots of BH contrax, but those symptoms can go on for weeks, and BH's are generally noticed earlier and have more intensity with each pregnancy, anyway. I really don't think it means that much unless you have a history of delivering early.

Sorry if I sound jaded -- I guess I kind of am! :
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I'm 35wks as well and can't wait to have her OUT already! Plus, I've been having dreams about my water breaking or being in labor...and my BH have been constant and strong.. I've also packed my hospital bag and have it sitting in the livingroom......baby's room is almost completely ready so I feel like she'll be coming really soon...at least I hope so! I just want her to be fully cooked and healthy!
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I have thought all along that I will be going over my due date. Perhaps a week to ten days, maybe two weeks although that feels a little long to wait. I don't really want the baby to come yet. I am not too uncomfortable yet, and still enjoy being pregnant, although I am starting to get really excited about holding my baby! I have also thought that it is a boy through most of my pregnancy, and I'm curious to find out if I am right. I am 36 weeks today, baby has not dropped, and I'm having what I think are BH's but they are sporadic and pretty painless. I would also like about four more weeks to get everything in order, but realize it could just be two, yikes! I'm going to be a mother really soon!
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Since the beginning of this pregnancy I have felt like I will get pretty close to 40 wks. Now I am beginning to hope I make it that far. In the past few days something has changed. Baby is lower and everything is more intense. I just want to make it past ds2's birthday on Sept 1st. Give me just a couple more weeks baby!
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