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Mess with Safeway Club Cards

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Gaming the Safeway Club Card

Rob Cockerham has a reputation as something of a prankster.

In 2003, his website, Cockeyed.com, won a Webby Award for best personal website, partly on the strength of a series of pranks he pulled off in his hometown of Sacramento, California.

In the past several months, Cockerham has expanded the site's reach, and is rallying people around the United States and Canada in a bid to take on what some consider an invasion of their privacy.

For millions of major supermarket shoppers, a discount card has become a way of life: In exchange for personal data, the store hands over a card that is good for discounts. Yet few know what happens to their information once they get their card.

The rest can be read at: http://www.wired.com/news/business/0,1367,59589,00.html
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LOL. What a great idea!

I esp liked:

Meanwhile, musing about what he would do if Safeway ever shut down the ultimate shopper account, Cockerham laughs. "Is there a contingency plan? I think I'd just sign up (again) under the name George Orwell."
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I have already signe up under the name of Florence NIghtengale.

I never thought to engage others in it for profit.
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but miriam, falsifying your name still gives them 90% of what they want. not your ID but an accurate profile of you as a consumer. by turning loose hundreds of people with the same card he denies them that.
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dh signed us up under Haywood Jablowme.

But if they have an idea of what kind of consumer we are then they will be more likely to stock products we buy. Won't they? That was what I thought. Maybe not...:
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I agree.

However I actually read that the information is turned over to health insurance companies to reveal your eating habits.

So if you buy a bottle of wine every week, or cigarettes for your neighbor, does that make YOU a smoker or an alcoholic?

If you buy lots of butter, are you at risk for a heart attack and therefore a huge liability for your health insurance company?

That is what I heard about these cards?
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Wow! That is terrible! Well, if it's true, of course. Man... that just makes me want to do a group club card even more!
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