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But when my milk comes in I go up to a fairly full B, for the first 6 mo or so. It's a very time exciting time for me...
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Mine are out of control - I don't even know if I should be bothering with nursing bras yet, since they are still growing! I keep cramming them into my 36 DDs (started out a 32 DD). Not leaking, though, thank goodness!!! I am seriously worried about what to do with them!!! Oh, and my cute, pink, areolas are now referred to by my dh as "purple" and have at least doubled in size. It's so strange to have my boobs look so different!
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Ugh, I'm so uncomfortable with mine and I am not really even THAT big, and don't hurt or leak. I just much prefer them to be smaller and am hoping that I get the shrinkage I did while nursing DS (after a few months I went down below pre-preg size and that was fine by me.) I'm holding off on buying nursing bras until after the baby is here -- my old ones say 40F! And when they were too big I was too lazy to buy more (actually I just went back to regular bras when DS was 12 mos)

Right now I'm barely in a D, but bought 38 when I think I should have bought 36, I am so tired of bras that don't fit right!

BTW for those worrying, I don't leak, didn't while pg with DS either, didn't leak too long after he was born (or feel letdown pretty much ever), and had lots of milk (9 lb 3 oz baby that doubled his weight by 4 mos...)
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