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Do you let your dc climb "up" the slide? - Page 5

Poll Results: Do you let your dc crawl "up" the slide?

  • 14% (59)
    Yes,slides are f/playing on & children should take turns whether going "up" or "down". :thumb
  • 71% (292)
    Yes, as long as they are not keeping others from using the slide and are safe. :nod
  • 11% (48)
    No, absolutely not. Slides are for going "down", not "up". :nono
  • 2% (9)
    other...because there's always a "other" choice. :lol
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Whoa! This is still going on?!

Well, shortly after I posted this, we had a "no no" slide run-in.

We were at the park in the toddler section. Dd (2yo) was climbing up the slide and I was spotting her. It is a side by side slide, so there was another slide to use right next to it. A little boy about the same age comes to the end of the slide and starts pointing at dd. His mother starts saying...over and over, "oh no adam, that's right. She's not being safe. We don't climb up the slides at school. That is a no no. She shouldn't be doing that should she. She isn't being safe is she?" I was literally standing 2 feet away from this woman as she's saying this. I was livid. Unfortunately, everything in my GD body wanted to pummel her.
One, we weren't at a school. Two, the little boy didn't want to go down the slide and dd wasn't blocking it anyway...and three she passive aggressively told my daughter that I was not keeping her safe and letting do something that would cause her harm. Grrrrr...

I hate it when my kid follows the rules and is taking his turn, and then he has to wait for another child who is going the wrong way & out of turn.
But those are YOUR rules, not THE rules.

Just because another family does it different doesn't mean they are doing it the "Wrong Way" or out of turn.
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It depends. I think of up-the-slide as requiring more parental responsibility and more kid flexibility. 1) It's okay only when kids are not wanting to go down. IOW, down-sliders get dibs, because down-sliding is fast, and climbing up, at least for DD, is slow. And by this I mean that I will actually move DD or ask her to go down if I see a kid even lurking at the top. 2) It's okay only on certain slides. I would never let her go up a tube slide because the visibility isn't great. A twisty, long slide might have the same trouble.

At home, she is free to climb our slide all she wants.

I guess I'd say "Up the slide is okay only if you're being a helicopter parent" (at least at my kid's age, and even when they're older, I notice kids tend to be oblivious to the needs of littles). And everyone has scorn for us helicopters, so hmm.
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This thread made me chuckle. Earlier this summer, I made a conscious decision to allow DD to climb the slide. That may sound weird, but I did. I throw my hat in the "I want my child to approach issues/problems/whatever from different angles" camp. Yes, I hover more than some parents. But I also pay attention to my kid and don't yell at my kid from across the park. I gently redirect her. I especially hover when the 10 yos basically climb over her on the ropes where she has been playing for 5 minutes and they run over and scramble around before I can pry her little fingers off.

Kids can get hurt at the park even when they are the only kid and mom, or other, is hovering. It is part of the territory.

DD is very smart and very able to discern between home rules and daycare rules even at 2. Does she make the right choices 100% of the time? No, but then who does?
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I don't have any "park rules" other than being consciencious of other playground patrons

oh, and no littering
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I'm fine with kids climbing up the slide, as long as it's a "safe" slide for climbing up, everyone gets along and takes turns, and kids who want to go down the slide get first priority - everyone moves outta the way and lets them go when they want.

We were at a local fast food joint : with some friends recently, eating inside where they have a "play area". There were also several other families there, and tons of kids playing together. A lot of the kids were taking turns going up the slide. If someone wanted to go down the slide, they all moved and let the child go down, then they resumed playing. There was NO fighting, NO arguing, NO parent involvement (beyond us all just watching them have fun). All these kids were between the ages of 18 months and 6 yrs old, and they all got along and played together amazingly well!

About 15 minutes into it, another family showed up, and their child ran in to join the fun, but when she went to climb up the slide, they piped in and told her, "No, slides are for going down only, not climbing up." in a very directive tone which was really aimed at all the children there.: It became uncomfortable, children started bickering, and soon after, we left.
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Originally Posted by ThreeBeans View Post

They can of course do anything they like on the playset in the back yard (and they frequently do )

But I believe in teaching courtesy on a public playgrounds, and they are not allowed to use the slide in a manner that might be dangerous or inconvenient for others. Going up a slide certainly falls under that umbrella.
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I remember when I was a kid at recess (sp?) the playground supervisors would yell at us if we walked up the slides and this used to make me frustrated because I was one of the playground monkeys.
So now I actually encourage my 6 year old daughter to climb whatever however she wants at the playground when she's with me. If it seems unsafe I just tell her to let me be around so I can spot her if she slips. I'm sure some of the parents are mad about it, but so what. At least my kid can be free in her fun and I make sure she is safe, so there is no harm in it. I'm also one of those parents running around on the playground with my daughter instead of sitting there chatting with the other adults. It makes me feel like a kid again and it's so fun. I even played with the kids on the playground when I had a job as a teachers assistant, and they loved that I played with them... Of course I made the teacher jealous cause the kids liked me over her so I no longer have that job.

Angel Miette
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I let them when they are the only ones playing on it. Otherwise it does create a bit of a danger.
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James is afraid of going down the slide (not sure why) but he will happily climb up it just a wee bit, never out of my reach.

If no one else is trying to go down the slide I see no issue in letting him. I have also gotten the hairy eyeball.

One woman...her DD was attempting to follow James up the slide. Her mother promply came over and YANKED her off the slide and said "Do NOT climb up the slide. You only go down on your bottom." or something to that effect. Then she looked at me like she expected me to do the same thing to James. I asked if her DD wanted to slide down the slide? and she said "No, she was only climbing up it because YOU are allowing him to do it." WTF-ever lady. I said "Okey...if she wants to go down I'll move him, it's no problem." and she just huffed off.

I let James so long as there aren't other kids wanting to go down/the park isn't busy. Typically it's pretty dead, only 2 or 3 kids there if that. So I don't worry about it.
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I voted:

Yes, as long as they are not keeping others from using the slide and are safe.

even though I suffered a neck injury as a child from climbing up the slide. I figure mine was just a freak accident and I shouldn't stop dd from doing something that I know is fun, especially when all the kids are doing it. It's such a fun challenge, and I don't see why I should make her stand aside to only watch and yearn just because I got hurt once. Same would go for climbing trees. Somebody somewhere is going to fall and break an arm, but it doesn't happen to every kid everytime.
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Climb away! Experiment! Have fun!
I've never thought not to let them climb the slide....though I do teach them to respect the others around them, if someone else wants to slide down, well, just find something else to climb...
We try not to frequent the playgrounds during the busy times (unless we're in another country and I want my kids to meet and play with some local children) but here at home, I'm just not great with the 'playground ettiquette, nor is DH, so we'll take them at dusk, or when it's raining. So usually it's just us and a handful of older kids, and they all climb the slide...
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this is why I MDC! A bunch of impassioned mamas intelligently argueing their cases with reason & vigor!

Here's my 2cents:

up & down: babies/kids of all ages will naturally try to climb up a slide, the natural rule being that gravity has the right of way. When DS was too young to understand that another kid was coming down, he was too young to be on the slide by himself, I was appropri-hovering to take him off & tell him why.

Misc slide usage: If kids are obviously in line to go down the slide, then somebody going up is cutting line. If big kids are using the tube slide as a club house, they need to be nice to the baby & let the baby get thru.

bigkid/little kid: If big(ger) kids are being reckless with little kids, I don't ignore or retreat, but always ask them to watch out & take care with the little ones. Sometimes they look at me like it's a brand new concept, but it makes them think. Now that my DS is a bigger kid, it's his turn to take care & I watch him closely when toddlers abound. Again, the appropri-hover.

Talking with other moms/on cell phone on the playground: well hell yeah. I'm not there to climb the slide.

Originally Posted by Cutie Patootie View Post
His mother starts saying...over and over, "oh no adam, that's right. She's not being safe. We don't climb up the slides at school. That is a no no. She shouldn't be doing that should she. She isn't being safe is she?"
Perhaps that mama should have been reminded of the "not nice to talk about other people as if they don't have ears" rule.

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i let my kids as long as they aren't preventing another child from using the slide. if the playground is busy i try to point them in the direction of the steps to go to the top of the slide, but if there aren't many kids or kids in the area of the slide then i just let them climb up the slide as long as they are safe.
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My dd can go up or down so long as she's not clogging the tubes, as it were. Well, at least in my presence. DH does NOT like seeing her climbing up because apparently a friend of his broke his arm falling off the slide while climbing up or something. I've explained to him that she could potentially break her arm using any kind of playground equipment the way it was intended to be used, and as I and generations of other children have climbed up slides, jumped off swings, or done things on monkey bars that now make my stomach churn, I don't see a problem with it -- but if it makes HIM uncomfortable, I will redirect her to go down the slide in his presence.

DD is 2.5 now and has gotten pretty good about taking turns and only climbing up unoccupied slides (the playground here has like 6 slides, so there's always one that's not in use)

Frankly I'm more afraid of stairs than slides. I ripped every tendon in my right ankle (save for my Achilles' tendon, fortunately) by falling off those tiny flights of stairs on playground structures. Actually, I think I fear mostly for MYSELF while at the park or play places than DD. She's resilient and agile and has never been more than scratched or bumped. I, on the other hand, am prone to severe injury, lol.
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No, they are not for going up. My son gave some kid a bloody nose because it was a spiral slide and he didn't see it. It is rude to the people wanting to go down the slide to have to deal with a person going up. I don't let my kids do it even when alone because they don't need to be getting in the habit of it.
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Originally Posted by hubris View Post
Up, down, it's all good.

Saying "we don't climb up the slide" seems like a pretty nice way to teach kids not to experiment. How limiting! Assuming there isn't already somebody coming down it, WHY NOT climb up the slide?
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I voted other because we really don't have a rule. I encourage going down, but since DC (4yo) is fairly timid about slides we haven't had much experience with going up.

That said, I thought of this thread today at the playground when the above referenced DC was playing on the relatively empty play structure. He was just working up the courage to go down, sat down and looked over to me. I smiled to encourage him and just at that moment 5 older kids (6-8) years come running up and start climbing up the slide. DC hightailed it out of there and didn't go near the slide again. Of course the parents come strolling up chatting over their Starbucks and completely oblivious as their kids proceed to run roughshod over the three LOs already there. :

Don't know where that puts me. I really don't have a problem with going up the slide in general, but it does seem that the rules that need to go along with that (no climbing up when someone is coming down, waiting for turns, understanding that younger kids sometimes need more space, etc.) are subtle and not easily internalized by kids who are of the age to use a slide. I have seen many kids patiently waiting at the top of a slide for their turn while other kids climb up and down over and over. I think it's the parents, not the rule, that is the problem, though.
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Originally Posted by Cutie Patootie View Post
I am constantly seeing parents snagging their kids off the middle of the slide, on the way up , saying, "we do not climb up the slide". There isn't usually anyone else playing on the slide, so maybe it is for my "hearing range" benefit? I don't know, just wondering.
Ha! I see/hear that a lot around here too. I don't get it. I've never had a problem with DD climbing up the slide if she wants to. Obviously before she was old enough to safely do it, I helped her if she REALLY showed interest in doing it that way. I don't see the big deal either. Some parents over-parent.
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Somewhere I have a picture of my then 3 year old with a nasty black eye that happened when a bigger than her boy (maybe 5ish) trampled her climbing up the slide, while there are a million ways this could have happened. it did he felt bad realy bad because he slipped and my DD happened to run under him..
In general no. Slides are not designed in general to be climbed lots of injuries happen I see it all the time. So we have a slide down use stairs. Now depending on the sitaution if were at a priviate slide a place where shes alone and now that shes older and can clearly see the diffrence between being alone and with others I'm a bit more relaxed and places where one HAS to climb the slide to et to diffrent levels then of course thats diffrent.
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Originally Posted by Ks Mama View Post
Ha! I see/hear that a lot around here too. I don't get it. I've never had a problem with DD climbing up the slide if she wants to. Obviously before she was old enough to safely do it, I helped her if she REALLY showed interest in doing it that way. I don't see the big deal either. Some parents over-parent.
I'm one of the most layed back parents when it comes to "park" play I'm also one that will not allow climbing up. I will go take my child off and say no climbing use the stairs because its our rule and its not so others can hear our rules.
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