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UPDATE: They are here! Outcomes of Baby B weighing more? Vag vs. C-section

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I haven't been able to post during my pregnancy because for some reason being close to my laptop gives me contractions! But now that I'm 35 weeks I think a few contractions are okay considering I need some help and support.

So I'm 35 weeks pregnant with MZ twins. Both are vertex. There is a 13% difference in their weight right now, with Baby B being the larger one. My periantologist sent the recommendation of, "planned c-section at 38 weeks" to my OB. My OB and peri both say this is simply the recommendation and I may attempt to birth them vaginally. The recommendation is simply based on the fact that Baby B is bigger...

I personally don't see the reason for a c-section based on ultrasound measurements that are only 13% apart, but it's hard for me to do much research at the moment because of the contractions my laptop tends to give me (weird huh?).

So could you ladies...

1.Give me your personal experiences if your circumstances were close to mine

2.Give me any links to research/info that could prove useful in easing both DH's and my minds for going against the Dr. recommendation

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I don't have any links...and just a minute or two to share my experience. My twin B was almost a full pound larger than A. We didn't know that, but I did birth them vaginally. Twin A was vertex and Twin B was transverse. They helped pull her legs down after A was born and I delievered her footling breach. It was uncomplicated otherwise.

Baby crying, I'll try to revisit and be more clear.

Good luck.
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My baby B was exactly 1lb larger--5lbs 15 oz & 4 lbs 15 oz. (17% difference?) at 35w1d--and both were born naturally w/o any delivery complications (both vertex and o.p., also presumed mono/di). I've never seen any compelling info that would lead me to agree to a c/s for those particular circumstances.
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I have MZ boys, they are 4.5yo now. My baby B was almost TWICE as big as baby A and I birthed them both vaginally, with B as a feet first breech. 3lbs 10oz for baby A, 5lbs 11oz for baby B. No problems for me, no tears or stitches, and I felt great afterwards. They were born at 34w2d.

Also, bear in mind that u/s measurements for size are notoriously NOT accurate for the third tri.

Good luck!
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I don't have any specific data for you -- what exactly do you want to know that will ease your mind? That your body can fit a smaller baby and then a bigger baby? (that was a concern of mine.)

My doc told me that I *might* have to re-dialate to fit the bigger baby, and that it *could* take up to an hour or two, but mine were actually born only 10 min apart -- and it would have been sooner but I spent a few minutes telling everyone in the room that I was done and going home after one baby and that the other baby could just stay in there.
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Mine were 4lbs 1oz and 4lbs 8oz, born 10 minutes apart, both vertex, both vaginally. Rena (2nd twin) was delivered w/ the help of a vacuum. She was in major distress, but B"H was fine within a few minutes.
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A was 9lb 5oz and B was 9lb 10 oz for me - so the second was bigger, but they were both pretty darn big! I delivered both vaginally, although they were an hour apart - that was just b/c B was stubborn and wouldn't come down and my contractions had slowed... nothing to do with her size.

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The recommendation sounds like a CYA. Maybe even one required by the peri's practice/hospital?

I'm not much help on outcomes, as I had preemies and had to have a section for baby B (after birthing baby A vaginally) for reasons having nothing to do with her size. Good luck to you - I hope you get to birth some nice big babies vaginally in a few more weeks!
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My Baby B was bigger only by ounces (A was 6 lbs. 13 oz. and B was 7 lbs. 1 oz.) but because she was over an inch shorter, she was "fatter" then her sister. I had not one problem delivering her. She was breech and was successfully turned before being born 47 minutes after her sister.
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Thanks ladies!

Honestly just hearing your stories have eased my mind. The recommendation sounded like a CYA to me also. It's frustrating that I can't get a REAL recommendation from a peri or OB because they are too scared of some sort of malpractice suit. I will try to birth these boys vaginally. I don't see any reason for a c-section.

I still don't know if I will follow the 38 week part of the recommendation. When I was pregnant with DD they thought she was 7 lbs at the end based on ultrasound. I went into labor naturally at 40 weeks 4 days and she was only 5 lbs. 14 oz!! I think I might tend to birth small babies, so it worries me to take the twins at 38 weeks. I went ahead and scheduled two NST's after the 38 week point, but my OB and peri don't know this yet.
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At one point my MZ twins were over a lb different in weight. My peri told me the same since twin a was smaller. They also said in the same visit they had no confidence in their measurements because first they measured a lb smaller for one Dr and larger for the other. OK so why that means I needed to deliver by c-section is beyond me. They NEVER got good weights on mine. They were born a 6lbs 7oz and 6lbs 10oz... very close in weight. I did have a section, but for other reasons.
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I had a c/s, so no help there, but thought I would share my usual u/s warning...they aren't always accurate. I had an u/s the day before my c/s and was told that all 3 were over 5 pounds and pretty much eqaul in size. They were 4-12, 3-4 and 3-6. GL!
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Wishing you the resolve to do what you think is best. . . just in case it happens to be different than the docs suggestions! (Ha, ha, ha)

I don't have personal experience for you about the weights, as my second twin was 1/2 pound smaller. But I certainly can concur with other posters about the inaccuracy of ultrasound measurements. Our perinatologist expected our boys to be around 5-5.5lb. They were 7 and 7.5. I also know a woman who was sectioned strictly b/c they said she'd never be able to birth that HUGE +10lb baby inside. The baby was about 8lbs.

And I echo the sentiments that c-section simply b/c they THINK Twin B is bigger is a bnuch of horse-pucky. Why would anyone think a woman couldn't birth a large baby that's a second twin, simply b/c the first baby is smaller? Women birth large singletons all the time (my other kids were 10lb, 9lb, and 11lb) and those situations don't have the advantage of a first baby "paving the way" as they call it.

I also send support your way that you are on the right track to be concerned about a 38-week delivery just for the heck of it. There's true obstetrical emergencies, and then there's lots of bad advice and intimidation. Twins aren't any less-deserving than singletons of having the advantages of growing and maturing in your womb until they signal readiness to be born (ie. by labour starting naturally).

Good luck!
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My Twin B was a full pound bigger. My were both vaginal and both breech at 34 w 3 d. B did take longer and seemed harder to push out but I was probably just tired! Good Luck!
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My twin A (Critter, we called him since we didn't know the genders) was 5 lbs. 11 oz at birth and breech, and twin B (Varmint, a girl) was 7 lbs. 8 oz and kind of transverse/vertex. I delivered them both vaginally out-of-hospital at 41 1/2 weeks...17 hours apart! They were perfectly healthy and both got full scores on their 1 and 5 minute Apgars.
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The only reason I had a c/s with my twins was due to A's HB dropping drastically low and not coming up.

That said, B was 4 lbs 14 oz and A was 3 lbs 11 oz. My OB's and peri's were sure I would have gotten a vag delivery (deliveries!) if A's HB hadn't done that. They saw no problem with the weight difference or the positions (B was head down, A was transverse) even!
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My second twin was an ounce shy of a pound larger (7lbs13oz vs. 6lbs14oz). There was 2 1/2 hours btwn their births - baby B was breech/transverse for much of that and just took some time to align, I think. They were both born vaginally w/o complication. I say don't induce, for so many reasons but particularly since your older baby was so small at 40 weeks! Hang in there, mama!
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EFW is just that, ESTIMATED. It can have a huge range of disparity, what is it like 20%? From u/s they BELIEVED my boys were 2.5 lbs different, which worked out to be about 28% difference in weight I think. Based on that information they ruled out B being breech. I was rather upset because I did not believe there was such a large difference in weight. There was not. They weighed EXACTLY the same weight: 8lbs 15.2 oz. U/S can be wrong. They were both delivered vaginally. B started to flip breech so they did an internal version.

goood luck!
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Baby B was much bigger than baby A. (6 lbs 10 oz and 8 lbs 4 oz). There were no problems and he was easier to push out. I don't get why B being bigger would be a problem?
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Thanks so much ladies!

Well, I gave birth to the boys! We went in for another ultrasound on August 21. I was 36 weeks and 1 day. The ultrasound showed that baby A hadn't grown in the 2.5 weeks between ultrasounds. The periantologist had me get up and try to change baby A's position over and over so he could keep re-measuring baby A. We couldn't get a larger measurement so we decided to induce. The ultrasound also showed that baby B had moved to transverse. This periantologist gave the okay for a vaginal delivery and left to call my OB. I guess my OB and all the other OB's in her group suddenly got scared and would only deliver by c-section. The periantologist thought this was silly and said that they were just trying to cover their butts. So he got on the phone with the on call periantologists at our hospital and found a few that agreed to attempt a vaginal birth. The labor and delivery were suprisingly easy compared to DD. I got both babies out in 3 pushes with baby B footling breech. Baby A weighed 4 lbs 14 oz and Baby B weighed 5 lbs 9 oz. Both were the picture of health despite their weight. They roomed in with us and we left the hospital 48 hours later. Both boys are exclusively breastfed and are now WELL above their borth weights.
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