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Lady Lilya had her baby

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as I learned from her thread in the NY/NJ/PA tribe: http://www.mothering.com/discussions...d.php?t=729335
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I saw that, too! I hope she can post soon.
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Thanks for posting this. I've been wondering about her....
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I've wondered about her a lot, I hope everything is working out ok.
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Thanks for posting for me.

Everything is going great. But right now we are just nursing, changing diapers, and sleeping round the clock.

I will post more later.
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Leigh, I'm glad you don't mind that I posted. Folks were watching out for your post out of concern. So glad it worked out. I am going to a babywearing meeting in Manhattan on September 8th, if you want to meet up.
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Rostislav was born on August 9 at 4:49am EST.

He was born on my couch with his eyes wide open, swinging his arms, kicking his legs, and screaming. His color was excellent. He was 8lbs 10 ounces (3.9kg) and 22 inches (55.5cm).

He has honey-colored hair, and right now has very neutral gray eyes. He looks like his paternal grandfather.

Rosti is very fiery and energetic, fitting his zodiac sign (Leo). He is very expressive, and makes a lot of noise over every little thing. He is easily frustrated if we don't understand what he is asking for quickly.

We were told in the first few days that he was more like a 2-week-old baby than a 2 day old baby. He has the ability to lift and move his own head, and is very precise with his hands.
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Can't wait to meet him and introduce him to our little Leo who has already garnered the nickname "Furious" (or Furio sometimes) because of how he gets if he has to ask for something more than once! Rosti & Furio will surely have something to talk about!
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lady lilia, congratulations!
may i ask you,
where are you from originally?
I only ask based on the name - Rostislav
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I am as American as they come. Next year will be 400 years that my family is here.

My husband is Russian.
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Leigh - I am adding your details to the wecome thread. Thanks for updating us
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that's what I thought!
I like that you go with your DH culture choosing the name:
Russian names usually mean smth
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congratulations! I love all these fiery Leo's..mine's on the mellow end of that spectrum, but he did growl at me this morning to get up to nurse.
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Originally Posted by Lady Lilya View Post
I am as American as they come. Next year will be 400 years that my family is here.

My husband is Russian.
Congratulations! I am also a many generational American married to a Russian. My kids' names are Pyotr and Nadezhda.
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