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Me too!

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It's a girl! Home water birth, 3 and 3/4 hours of labor and 2 pushes to bring her out! I'm still in awe!!

Lillari Nainsidhe
August 11, 6:51pm
9 pounds 8 ounces
19 3/4 inches

I'm not much of a writer, but here's my little birth story:

I woke up Saturday morning with no contractions at all which was very frustrating as I had been having plenty off and on for a week and a half. We had a few errands to run and I thought the walking might get the contractions going again, so off we went. We walked around for quite a while but still nothing so we headed home.
The first contraction hit at 3pm as I was playing on Neopets with my 5yo dd. It wasn't painful at all, but felt different than the ones I had been having. I announced it as I always did and dh noted the time. Another one soon followed and dd says "another baby hug, mommy?". Yeah, there's another! Dh asks if I'm sure and I laugh, yeah I'm sure, why? Only 5 minutes between. I called my son and his dad at 3:30pm to let them know it could be soon in case his dad wanted him to stay home (there had been issues previously discussed where his dad didn't want him around when I was birthing) but his dad figured that since I had no other symptoms of labor, it was probably safe to bring him anyway. Contractions were still happening every 5 minutes so I called the midwife at 4pm to let her know what was happening. There was nothing else to indicate labor and the contractions weren't even uncomfortable so she asked that we call back at 5pm.
We decided to play it safe and start filling the pool. My son arrived at 4:30 and I informed him the baby might be born over night or the next morning. To my surprise, his dad decided to let him stay!! I had dh take a couple "labor day" pics of me with my other three kids. I hadn't realized how big my belly had gotten!! 5pm rolled around and contractions were hitting every 3 minutes and were about a minute and a half long so we called the midwife again to update. They still weren't uncomfortable but I was having trouble talking through them. Still no other signs or symptoms so the midwife asks us to call back at 6pm.
Dh set up my rain storm sound track (so peaceful!!) and I found myself swaying my hips through the contractions. Youngest dd and dh decided to 'hula dance' with me and we were having quite a bit of fun!! And I couldn't believe how fast time was passing!!! I kept saying "I really hope this is it" and "I hope were not filling this pool for nothing!". There was no way this could be labor!! It was spiritual, magical, and entirely enjoyable!
6pm rolled around and contractions were one on top of the other when we called the midwife. The contractions were still my only symptom. Since she was a half hour away, she said she would go ahead and get her things and get on the road. I told her the pool was half full and I wanted to get in, and said I would call her back if anything changed. She ended up calling us at 6:30pm to say she was lost... they had closed the freeway exit she was familiar with! So dh was giving her directions and at 6:35 my body started trying to push!! I was totally surprised and announced that I was going to push. Midwife was still on the phone and asked me to just breathe through it, she was almost there. As soon as she said that, my water broke and I told dh the shorts needed to come off now, baby might not wait! The kids went into the living room to let the midwife in. She arrived at 6:45pm and barely had time to get her gloves on. I pushed once and out came the head. Midwife says "baby's stuck, flip over!" I was on my side so I flipped over onto my hands and knees and pushed again and she slid right out. "It's a girl!!! 6:51pm!" How surreal!!! I went from not even being sure if this was labor to having this beautiful little girl laying on my chest!! I am officially a believer in the possibility of pain free birth, and consider myself so very fortunate to have experienced one first-hand. Ari is so very perfect and we are all very much in love with our newest family member!

Lillari Nainsidhe, 1 week old
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Congrats momma! I will add you and your little girl to the welcome thread
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Congratulations!! Enjoy your babymoon!! Our babies share a birthday too!!
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Woo-hoo, congrats! Welcome to dry land Lillari!
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Congratualtions! What a beautiful name! Can't wait to hear more about your birth!
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Yay! congratulations!
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Congrats on your chunky monkey!
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Awesome quick labor! Congratulations!
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so quick!!

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Congratulations! Can't wait to see pictures
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Wow, what a great sounding birth. Congratulations!
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Congrats, mama!!
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Thank you all for the congrats! I (finally) added a birth story and pic!
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