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do they feel hard, like you're sleeping on hulls?

Originally Posted by snanna View Post
We have organic buckwheat hull pillows, and we love them very much. We've had them for about eight years, and they are still just as lovely as they started. Read a bit about them and see if they sound good for your needs.

we got ours here, and they are the best.

One thing I love about them is that they are kind of heavy, for a pillow, and don't shift around much-- great for cosleeping with little ones.

They smell good, and they are low-maintainance. A couple of times I have emptied out the hulls onto a sheet and set them out in the sun on a windless day, to air them out, but you don't have to do this-- we were sunning our futons at the same time.
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buckwheat pillows

I was gonna ask the same thing, if they were hard.? Also, are they noisy when you lay your head down on them? I have a zafu that is made with them, and it is a little noisy and sorta hard, but it is really small compared to a pillow, so didn't know if that made a difference. I LOVE the idea that it lasts forever, and I could air out the hulls and put them back.
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If you like down, definitely try Kapok pillows. I grew up with down and feather pillows, and just bought an organic bed, and couldn't bring myself to keep using my down pillows after reading about how they were made. I read about Kapok, and bought two in different weights to try, and I am absolutely, madly in love with them.

They are made of a renewable resource from the rain forest and are organically grown. They feel just like down, and if you get the heavy fill, they are great for side sleepers.

Sheesh... I sound like a commercial here.... Seriously, though, they are so good. I just ordered two more from naturallygood.net
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I'm interested in hearing more about finding good pillows too. I like the sound of the Kapok pillows since I'm a side sleeper and I love the feel of down pillows. How long do they last though? I wouldn't want to pay $40 for a pillow that I have to replace in a year or two.
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Originally Posted by Manonash View Post
I was gonna ask the same thing, if they were hard.? Also, are they noisy when you lay your head down on them?
They aren't sproingy, but they aren't hard. They... flow? They form to the shape of your head. You can adjust the amount of hulls inside to modify how firm they are. And they do make noise, but not a lot. They have a gentle rustle.

The kapok pillows sound lovely! My only experience with the stuff is in giant floor pillows and they were heavy and very dense... but I can see how they would work on a smaller scale. Hmmmm....
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When you figure out what you want www.overstock.com is a great place to buy them. We got one good set there and a crappy set that came with our down comforter. We loved the new set so much that we ordered another one and took it to my IL's house for Christmas because they're too cheap to buy anything new and their matresses and pillows suck. We always wake up with some sort of back or neck pain.
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I personally don't like the buckwheat - I feel like it's great as a laptop holder but it's not anything I want to sleep on. I've tried a whole bunch of different latex pillows now, and I think the ones from Organic Grace (not the contour, but the other one) and the heart-shaped one from Better for Babies are both awesome. Savvy Rest's are great too, but their queen sized so they don't fit on my full...

As for wool pillows, Shepherd's Dream pillows are amazing! But they do flatten out a little bit, so they won't work for people who like taller ones...
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Originally Posted by fourlittlebirds View Post
Latex -- forgive my ignorance, but does that off-gas? I mean, could it make you sick?
Hi there...if you get an all natural latex pillow, it won't off gas. My husband and I just bought latex pillows to go with our latex bed (all SavvyRest products bought through my chiropractor, thehealingroomchiropractiic.com) We both got contour pillows. He absolutely loves his and I don't like mine. Not because of the latex, it is just too big for me. SavvyRest makes organic wool pillows too, so I think I'm going to get one of those. I just love the feel and smell of the wool. If the latex was the right size for me, that would have been awesome too. They do make a soapdish shape latex pillow, but I just like the wool so much I think I'm going to go with that.(we just love our bed, so the latex isn't a problem at all)

It's such a tough decision! Pillows are such a personal choice! I think because we're all shaped so differently. My chiropractor says that whatever pillow you use needs to keep your neck in line with your spine. I know I definitely want something that is all natural, no chemicals, that dustmites can't live in, so I'll probably be sticking with the SavvyRest products, because I have just come to love them and trust them so much.
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Originally Posted by artemis33 View Post
I've been wanting to make some - how much do you estimate I'd need per pillow - filling them generously? They sell by the pound so I have no idea how that translates!
I just made an all-wool-stuffed pillow for my DH using the Eco Wool batting from Wazoodle... I'd recommend purchasing 2.5 to 3 pounds of the wool batting because it takes about 2 pounds to get average loft in a standard pillow, and you want some extra wool on hand to refluff the pillow after it starts to settle from use. I also used some of the extra wool to make a toddler-sized pillow for my DD.

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Making a wool filled pillow

I think I can handle sewing the pillow cover, but is there anything special I need to know in stuffing the pillow with the wool? They look like sheets of wool (on the Wazoodle site) vs loose. Does that make sense? I am not sure what to expect since I have never worked with wool for any reason.
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I sewed a pillow for my DH several months ago using a cotton cover and wool batting from Wazoodle. He rejected it, saying the batting was too lumpy. I've tried a few different variations -- stuffing it differently, buying alpaca (Pacafil) batting to stuff it (unfortunately, that *really* didn't work because it's too thin and compacted already), "massaging" the wool batting, etc. I tried another attempt today and my DH said it just wasn't going to work. : Keep in mind he's really picky about his pillows. Really, really picky.

The lumpiness *is* an issue, but wool pillows compact so I think the lumps could be minimized with use. But my DH isn't willing to do that.

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The company store has quality qualofil pillows. People who are allergic to down get this kind of filling.

Their down filled pillows and comforters are good also.

Satin pillows are nice also for bedhead.
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I have a wool pillow and I love it. I sleep on my side, so I needed a somewhat firmer pillow, but I still like my pillows soft. It seems to work well with my allergies, though I also have a dust mite cover on it. It has never lost its shape. I haven't been fluffing it, but maybe I will start.
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