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Rash on pt 3 yo

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Parker is still learning to use the potty, and still has accidents... *sigh* He is usually dry at night (probably 95% of the time), though he has wet twice in the last week. He usually wears Bummis trainers at night (no fleece liner) and those times when he wet while wearing the Bummis he developed a nasty red bumpy rash. I've heard that once their skin is no longer used to the pH of urine that if they are exposed to it they can get a rash.

Anyone experienced this? I've been using BB ointment and it does help, but it takes a couple days to clear up all the way. I'm wondering if I should go back to using FB's at night for him. : I feel weird putting a diaper on him though.

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I would not put him back into diapers... He may regress. But I do have 3 words for that rash.......Boudreaux's Butt Paste. Its friggin' AMAZING at clearing up ANY RASH... even Yeasty Beasties! (Thrush)!!!!
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I've not tried that Butt Paste... I really like Triple Paste, but I can't find it in my house right now... grr....

He wet again last night. What is going on?
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I dont have any advice about the rash but Sade goes through bouts where he won't wet at night for a month and then it's everynight for a week. I think it's normal for a little regression here and there. Glad Parker is doing so good PT. It's a big relief for us. I wouldn't feel bad about putting a FB on him at night. What we do is put a diaper on without a cover at night just in case. He hasn't really regressed because of the diaper. Hasn't wet the bed in two weeks. (and the only time he does wet is when he climbs in bed with us : )Anyway good luck with the rash.
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The going dry then wetting is nothing to worry about and I agree you should not put him back in diapers if he is potty trained.

Toddlers have more acidy pee then other children, If you are finding he is getting a rash it could be just his urin. Try doubling up on his water intake (give more water, less juice or what he drinks, or water down his juice) during the day, I found that helped with Matthew when he would "wet" at night...Esp on those HOT summer days....

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Julie ...... i would put a fleece liner in his training pants for the night time......... poor parker
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Thanks so much! I am just so suprised to find him wet in the morning after being dry so long. *sigh* I guess that's just the way it goes.

His buns look a bit better today too.
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