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I've placed several orders with Heidi. She has made me some fitteds, covers, and a fleece aio, all of which were beautiful! I'm a very picky person, to the point of being a total pain so when I wasn't 100% happy with the inner color used on one of the diapers I ordered, Heidi took it back, remade it and sent me a new one, all with a cybersmile! And when I had some specific color requests for another diaper, she made it exactly as I had asked. She's one of the sweetest wahms I've dealt with and her workmomship is amazing.
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These are my favorite diapers! I am so happy with them. Heidi is very sweet to work with and her diapers are adorable! I also like the wool covers. I only have a front snapping one, but it is great- very pretty and soft.
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Heidi is my absolute FAVORITE wahm! Her diapers are AMAZING -- so well-made! VERY absorbent, even for a HEAVY wetter all night... And the price is right, too! Heidi also has AMAZING customer service. I HIGHLY recommend Sugarbums!
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I recently received a pair of reversible wool jersey pants for my dd and am quite pleased with them. These were made to my dd's custom measurements and the sewing is very neat and allows them to truly be reversible; I am able to both fold up the cuffs and fold down the drawstring waist and still have a neat, tailored appearance. I find the two layers of jersey to be plenty absorbent for my dd over both prefolds and fitted diapers.

Heidi was very nice to work with and I received my pants promptly within the time specified for the custom slots. I would happily do business with her again in the future!
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I am a HUGE fan of Heidi's diapers. The quality is top notch as is her customer service. We have different combos of organics and some prints and we love every last one and I am picky. The one time the serging was loopy after washing Heidy promptly made me a new one. Her diapers are super absorbent and all of them are trim except for the OV which is no problem for us because they are little clouds of softness. I would be completely happy if my stash of fitteds only consisted of her stuff.
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