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Need name help, FAST!

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Hi! I need help! My dd doesn't have a middle name yet and I need to turn her birth certificate in REALLY soon. Will you please vote for me?

Here's the link;

Thanks Mamas!
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Crikies woman! That's quite a list.

My very favorite is...Violet Anneliese - (Ah-nah-LEE-zah)

So funny. You have so many of the names we are going to choose from if this baby is a girl. Tallulah, Matilda, Wilhelmina and Lola.

ETA: My 2yo niece is named "Violet Mae". It's such a vintage name. I love it!
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i voted!
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That is a huge list! Have you got any favourites? Have you thought about using a family name for a middle name? I would say don't have it start with L, too much after the -let in the first name, but that's just me. I like Violet Mathilda and Miranda for some reason.
Good luck!
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holy moly, that's worse than we were! we have similar tastes-- it was between iris and violet for our dd (went with iris since we knew another violet). we very nearly used elowen, only a different spelling (ellawyn); also strongly considered aislin. I really like andromeda and nimue too, and I love all those gaelic-spelling impossible-to-pronounce-correctly names! I wanted to use niamh ("neev") but dh wouldn't go for it it all depends on your dd's personality, to me... good luck!
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eliminate all of the 2 syllable ones with the emphasis on the first syllable. too sing-song-y.
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i voted....that was a long list...any decision made?
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