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Where do you live??

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I saw this thread in another DDC and thought it would be fun to know~
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I'll start:

Palmer, Alaska!! It was 75 degrees here today, but felt like 90!! ) Heaven for us~
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Ontario Canada... where finally last night it was cool enough to sleep without the A/C!
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Ontario, Canada too!
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Austin, Texas, where it was 100 yesterday and will be 102 today : Come back, rain!
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In Norway, where there are six winter months I will spend trying to crawl through the snow with my pregnant belly.
For now, I'm enjoying summer here!
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Yhe hellish state of FL namely haines City
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Nashville, TN where it's also 102 today.
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Willow Spring (close to Raleigh), NC

I think it's only supposed to be 96 here today.
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I'm in Inwood, West Virginia (about 90 min. from DC and Baltimore). Not sure what the temp was yesterday but muggy and hot describes it.
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I'm hoping we have another mild winter. Last year, it didn't snow at all, and barely got below freezing.
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San Diego, California

It was 90 here yesterday (a beautiful 75 or 80 by the beach, but I live inland).
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Durham, NC. Around 100 here today too and a million percent humidity. We haven't had rain in about 3-4 weeks and none in sight either. Palmer Alaska is sounding pretty sweet right now...
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I'm in the midwest. Yeah, the heat is bad. I'm glad I'm not at the big uncomfortable stage, also glad that the bean isn't due in the dead of winter. Just too much bundling needed to stay warm. My dd already whine about how long it takes to get the ice off the car, I would hate to add a crying infant to the mix.
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Eastern TN!
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Orlando, FL
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The Pacific N.W. in Bothell, WA. (N. of Seattle).

Feels like fall here though today looks like it'll warm up.
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I'm in the NW too. Just east of Mt. Hood in the foothills. It's normally 95+ this time of year, but lately it's been super cold. I think we had a high of 85 yesterday? And that was the hottest day in a while. It'll still be cold, with maybe some snow when the babe is born.
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I live close to Boston. It was hot and humid here but a storm came by yesterday. It's currently 74, sunny, and with only 38% humidity. Now that's a perfect day!
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City: Winnipeg
Province: Manitoba
Country: Canada
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