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Candida Diet While Pregnant?

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Has anyone been on a candida diet before? I know this is something I need to do but being pregnant I'm concerned about it. But I'm also concerned about NOT doing it and having issues with yeast/thrush after the baby is here and nursing. We had a TON of problems last time and I don't want to go through that again. I tried EVERYTHING I could do to rid myself of nursing yeast/thrush last time and still had it for 14 months of our nursing time. It was awful and I'm trying to avoid it this time. I am worried about die-off and toxins passing to the baby though... and also just limiting the food choices so much.

Also interested in just general info on candida diet.
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I would be concerned about the toxins being dumped. But I also would be worried about passing it on to the baby. I would recommend doing it, but easing in very slowly, and not doing any of the detoxing supplements. Coconut oil is very good for you, the baby, and for killing yeast. But, you will experience die off when taking it, so ease into it.

As far as what to do/not to do, think of it in terms of your general health. It's healthy to not eat grains, so no problem there. It's healthy to entirely cut out all sweets - no problem there. Fruits do not provide any additional nutrients that you can't get from eggs, meats, veggies, & healthy fats. Many candida diets cut out or restrict dairy. If you do that part, you'll have to replace the protein, calcium, & fat. (meats & eggs, broccoli & leafy greens, butter is okay, olive oil, coconut oil, & fats from meats are healthy.)

So from a nutritional standpoint, it's a healthy diet. The die-off/detoxing is the only part that you have to go slow with.

Oh, there is also controversy about putting your body into ketosis while pregnant. But you may not have that problem since you are going to ease your way into the diet. But do some research there to figure out your comfort level with that.
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I agree with the above post.The anti candida diet is healthy but be careful taking the anti- fungals.
I also think taking probiotics,acidophilus or bifus would be good.
Also be sure to take a lot of fiber so you don't get constipated
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I am taking probiotics, a lot of them actually, and garlic, and grapefruit seed extract. These things are also from a recommendation about a GBS protocol to get rid of it if you have it (I didn't have it with my DS but don't want it this time either). So I guess those are antifungals but natural ones at least?
With the diet I don't want to go nuts with it. I would like to still have brown rice and a little whole wheat bread every once in a while. I do CRAVE sugar though and that is probably the yeast so I'm working really hard to cut that out. I've done really well except my 1/2 glass of coke in the morning that I can't seem to cut out! I swear its what gets me going. But its double bad because of the sugar and the caffiene, both bad for yeast.
Fruit isn't a problem for me because for some reason this pregnancy I'm not wanting it. It's mostly the grains I'll struggle with but I am trying to keep them as whole as possible like Ezekiel bread, brown rice, etc.
Thanks again, and any more tips are welcome.
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