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Baby Back-Tie vs. Ergo

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Anyone have experience with both of these carriers? If so, could you share your thoughts about how they compare? I'm torn and can't decide which one to order. BBT looks much easier to put baby on by yourself,but i wonder whether it gives enough support.

I was interested in the packababy also, but there seem to be too many ties. I need something simple!
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I have both the Ergo and Packababy which though it looks like it has more ties than the Baby Back-tie, it doesn't actually, it has the same four straps. Acutally it only has two straps but they cross on the back of the carrier, rather having four sewn to each corner as does the BBT.

I like both the Ergo and the Packababy, but for my situation the Packababy now works better for us because I don't have a young baby only a larger toddler and the Ergo is just too short in the back for us now. The Packababy is very generously sized, this is because the designer wanted it to carry her 2 1/2 year old in it. But the Packababy can be used for much, much younger babies, even newborns which the Ergo can't.

So the differences:

The Ergo is more constructed it uses buckles, while I have found it to be very comfortable, a few people have issues with the shoulder straps digging in under their arms and making their hands go numb after a while. No one has complained about this issue in the BBT or the Packababy. The Packababy, like the BBT ties on, they do tie on slightly differently in that the BBT has the straps going over the baby's back and the Packababy goes under the baby's butt, unless you are using it with a tiny baby then you also tie the Packababy straps over the baby's back. IMO the Packababy (can't say with the BBT) gives more support than the Ergo and is easier to get on than the Ergo.

The Packababy ties are webbing and are a little stiffer, they do get softer with washing, the BBT's straps are fabric and tend to crease which doesn't help with the comfort, they need to be flatened out every so often or they will dig in.

So as I don't have the BBT, my vote would go for the Packababy over the Ergo. But the Packababy isn't nearly as pretty!

Have you seen the Sutemi Pack? http://www.sutemipack.com

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Here's my opinion.....

I bought the Ergo and I sent it back. I felt like I couldn't get my son tight enough against my back. It felt like he was hanging too far back. The chest strap dug into my chest and the waist strap dug into my stomach. I found it very uncomfortable (just my opinion- many women here love the Ergo). The Ergo is definitely CUTE, too!

I just got the Baby Back-Tie carrier yesterday. I have tried my son in it once so far. It is so comfortable!!! It is lightweight and you can fold it up and stick it in a diaper bag. It is VERY secure because you tie it in a knot in front of you and then back behind the baby again. It covers more of his body than the Ergo and I can tie it nice and close to me (so he feels more secure than he did in the Ergo). I HIGHLY recommend the BBT!!! I love mine! (Oh, and it's easily machine washable!).

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Thanks for these reviews, mamas! Now I have to consider the packababy more seriously (as you can see i changed the title of the thread).

Anyone else try these carriers?
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