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Jennifer~ A few of us were having problems getting into the chat using the website. You may need to download one of the programs for it to work better (I did mirc). Rikki or greenbean will be able to help you much better than I, so if you are still having probs, you may want to contact one of them.

Sorry you're having probs. It's definatley not a conspiracy against you!
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Can someone please explain to me how to configure mirc so I can get in the room? I was in there through my browser but after I was there a while I timed out and I can't get back in
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is *that* what happended! I thought u were readin MDC! through ur browser, so maybe u should download it???
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i can't seem to get in either way. I tried through trillion and link above, not working
Rikki whats your im
yahoo lbyerline
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i put in the im's that i saw noone's on. I'm mysleppy. How do we know since we are puttin it out on a pub forum who is not a sue....don't accept names unless they're these? I have an accept dialogue if u're not on my list for that very reason.

this is aim, btw...
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