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Bad Timing :(

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Yesterday my poor 5 year old DD woke up and had flea bites allllll over her body. So I looked over the cat and sure enough - fleas. My DD had lots of bites on her neck so I looked in her hair and found lots of fleas there, too. : What a mess!! I went to PetSmart and spend lots and lots of money we don't have on flea control stuff and in the middle of the store I started to cry because I'm so incredibly overwhelmed. I'm finally starting my nesting phase and darnit, fleas and nesting do NOT go together!

Also yesterday my DH threw out his back. He has been unable to stand/walk without being in incredible pain. When he walks his back is twisted and he's almost in tears.

I thought I was ready to have this baby (I'm just about 37 weeks now) but between the fleas and my DH's back, I think it's best if he says put in my belly for now.
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The last thing you need to be dealing with right now is fleas! That sucks!
I hope dh's back feels better soon.
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i am soo sorry. we got a flea infestation when i went overseas a few years back, and it was the worst. only found out after sleeping in the flea infested bed!

i can't imagine dealing with it with a babe and a dd!

best wishes to your fam, and i hope your dh feels better too!
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I'm so sorry mama! I feel your pain... We're wrestling with a flea problem too. We brought my much beloved KitKat here from Missouri a couple of months ago, and thought we had the problem under control... Bathed an medicated we let her roam the house. A week later, we are all being swarmed! My three year old has pink polka dots, my ankles itch, and my poor fuzzy DP is driven to distraction. The only thing that has been keeping the little suckers at bay is vacuuming EVERY day... We've tried all of the non-chemical options so far and nothing has worked. I'm getting so preggo(36 weeks) it's a big task for me to push the darn vacuum for half an hour at a time.

KitKat is now happily staying outside, but we're still dealing. Hoping to have the problem cleared up before baby gets here. We are ordering some stuff from GardensAlive.com, an organic home/garden supply catalog, that is supposed to stop the eggs and larvae from maturing into adults... If we can wipe out the ones already jumping about, it should be the end of our problem.

These fleas are driving me crazy, and I have been ready to try anything(atomic bomb, anyone? ), but hopefully we'll be able to get rid of the nasties without a bunch of toxic junk before baby gets here.
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You are probably ordering diatamaceous earth? If so I used it to stop fleas and it worked great. I sprinkled it all over the carpet and left it over night and then vacuumed the next day. I vacuumed every day and applied the DE every few days and left it over night. It only took about a week for them to all go away. Of course there is the big hatch later but I just repeated the process (which was much quicker the second time) and they were all gone. Erica I am so sorry you are having to deal with so much right now. I hope the fleas are gone quickly.
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I have tried diatomaceous earth... And it drove me right up the wall, and it didn't kill the fleas. : I probably wasn't super duper vigilant about putting it down consistently... but that's probably because I am not super duper vigilant about dusting either. : To preggo for all of that business. The stuff I am ordering is called I.G. Regulator, it acts like a hormone and stops the fleas from completing their growth cycle... $13 for enough to do 1500 square feet(okay on furniture too) of space, and it lasts for seven months. I figure if I spray the furniture and carpets, and then wash everything and vacuum religiously for a week or so, that that ought to get 'em. I am assuming it is safer than the typical stuff used to kill fleas since it is from an organic gardening catalog, but even if it isn't perfect it's got to be better than bug-bombing the house. Just need to find a good non-toxic flea killer to use on the cat, so she can come back in when the weather starts to get nasty.
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I just wanted to chime in quickly that we had to deal with a flea infestation several months ago and after trying the natural solutions, the nasty bombs and countless attempts af all of that combined...

the product that worked on the first try was something called Knock Out. I used the spray (they make a powder too).

Hope this saves someone having to deal with all the chemical exposure and cleaning afterward.
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We had a flea problem at my parent's house when I was in high school. We use Revolution on our dog (a few drops of liquid that go on his back..it's flea & heartworm meds in one) and somehow someone dropped the ball and we forget to get more. In the month that we didn't use it the dog got fleas...For some reason they would especially love to live under the couch...probably because they wouldn't get vaccumed under there. We only found out by swiffering under the upstairs couch that's on hard wood floors..then we checked the one on carpet & found even more.

Anway, point of the story...as soon as we put the Revolution on the dog it not only killed the fleas on him, it killed all the fleas in the house within 24 hours. I re-read the box and it said that part of the benefit of the medicine is that it kills any fleas in the dog's environment. We re-checked under the couch a few more times and they never did come back.

I'm not sure if Revolution has a version for cats, but I think that they do. It might be something to consider? Regular flea collars never worked for us (at least according to my mom) so I use Revolution on my own dog now too (even though the vet keeps trying to push Frontline on us). It's definately not natural or homeopathic so it won't be an option if that's what type of treatment you're looking for. Good luck, I hope that you can get rid of them soon!
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Fleas bombs + Dog Grooming + Advantage or Frontline (NOT THE PYRETHRIN STUFF) + 2 hours out of the house = flea free dog and happy owner.

This was after Pyrethrin drops, spray and powder on the dog, rug, everthing. That stuff doesn't work. The dog was at the groomer during the bombing.
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you guys are making my skin itch!

it is times like these that i am ok not having any furry animals in my house.

i hope you get them taken care of quickly. i know i would be anxious about having flees and a new babe on the way.
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Thanks, everyone

We ended up flea-bombing our house this morning. Well, DH did anyway - the kids and I spent the night at my grandma's hosue so DH could get up at 5am and bomb the house before leaving for work.

I hate the chemicals, but I also hate the idea of my daughter getting eaten alive by the fleas.
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How's dh's back?
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Don't you just sometimes feel like you get hit with this kind of stuff all at once?!!?? My wish for you: the fleas are GONE and DH's back is all better.
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How's dh's back?
He's still having a hard time getting around, but at least he can walk now. Today he has his 3rd session with the chiropractor, and he'll continue to see him everyday until he feels like he's back to normal.

DH says his biggest fear is me going into labor right now, and him not being physicaly able to be able to help me like he wants to.

Thanks for asking!
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