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The diaper I just made :D

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Here is the back

And here is the front


This is my FIRST diaper making attempt, and my first applique, I don't think I did too bad(except it may be a little wide in the crotch :LOL)
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what a great job you did!!!!!! Well done, i just received some diapering patterns and hemp etc today. i can't wait to try to make some myself

i really like your applique!!!!!!!!

Bravo Mama!!!!!!
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That is a BEAUTIFUL diaper!

You should be very proud!
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THat looks really good. I'm in love with the applique you did a really good job.
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WOW! That applique is SO cute!! All you newbie sewers are so brave to be starting out doing appliques and they are coming out so great!!!
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You did an amazing job!! Let's just say the first diaper I made is in my dh's rag bag in the garage : The applique is beautiful, you should be really proud of that!!
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Very cute! Applique can be very addictive!
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That applique is great!!!
And to imagine I was proud that I could bind the cover ok!

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WOW!! I am so impressed!! I am trying so hard at this diaper sewing thing!!LOL!
I really want to know how you did that! This will sound really dumb to you gals, but i haven't used a pattern yet, i have just used tracings of some other covers (airflows, bummis).
I would love to make something like that.
If you don't mind sharing, what pattern and fabrics did you use?
Great job!!!! Good thing it is summer, so that your sweetie can run around in just that!
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Wow, so cute! I love the smiling flowers!!

You'd NEVER know that it was your first diaper! Great job!
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If you saw the stitching up close you'd know :LOL :LOL

I used a pattern my mom made for DD eons ago. I made the soakers for the dipe last night and I'll post those later I had a major brainstorm for something "new"(at least I've never seen it lol)
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