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Help, major Fuz lust!

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THIS has got to be the most beautiful diaper I have ever seen, definitely my favorite by far. Why oh why did I have to have a boy .
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I haven't even received mine yet!!!! I had no idea they were already shipping. Yea!

It's a beauty. It's also our own abigailvr who's selling

edited: Oops, who sold! It ended with BIN, that was fast!
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Wow, those came out pretty
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It was me, yeah! I was also surprised by how pink it turned out. It looked more brown in the photo on Fuzbaby.
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um, I like it too.
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Oooh, that is purty. What's up w/ the one white snap though? :
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Oooh, that is purty. What's up w/ the one white snap though?
I don't think thats a white snap, just the glare from the camera.

um, I like it too.

Your babe is going to look soo cute!
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I'm not having the love, but its good to know that May is coming! And the no-seed strawberries are arriving. I heard about straws before flowers! But *where* are the *seeds*!

edited to add: its nice to know I don't love *every* dg! Still working on the house, *then* its time!
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If any one decides they don't like their May cover...

I think Adria and I will for it. :LOL Love ya Adria.
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I seen that sucker last night and was tempted because I am getting two tree ones and not the flower one like that but I remembered I am in DAA right now and cannot do such things as buy diapers...........LOL!!
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I'm glad to hear you're getting help, Kathleen.
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It is just glare.

I had to put it on eBay fast because I knew I'd change my mind if I kept looking at it. It really is a beautiful dipe.

Lori told me in an email that the May diapers were held up because of dye issues, so I wonder if that's why the colors look so different than the did online.
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Ohhh, I wish I had seen that before it was BIN'd That is so cute, and so incredibly girly. It looked unisex on the site!
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I got mine the other day too. Gorgeous. I just got the plain, unappliqued cover and it is SO soft and the green is perfect. I don't know about that one being too girly or not. I have a boy and I'm going to use it and then keep it in hopes that another small someone will need it.

I also got my strawberry cover with the applique and it was worth the wait.
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ocean, you got your seeded strawberry???
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WHAT!! Where are you!
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