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Car Seat Help

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DS (7 mos) seems pretty uncomfortable in the infant blucket seat so we're looking to get a convertible. I've gotten good at nursing him to sleep in his seat and I'm wondering if it's possible to lean over and nurse with a convertible car seat. I assume so but I want to make sure! Also, a lot of you recommend the Britax car seats. Are there any comparable ones out there for less money?

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I nursed DS in the car until we turned him around at 2.25 yo It's tricky but you can do it

We have an evenflo triumph deluxe
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There is a new family safety forum. I am sure you will get loads of info there. Family Safety
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Moving to Family Safety
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I assume you mean while the car is stopped? I wouldn't try to nurse while the car was in motion; if you are in a crash while leaning over the seat, you could interfere with the function of the seat and injure your child. And YOUR safety belt only works while you are seated correctly; you don't want to hurt yourself OR become a projectile.

The Fisher Price Safe Voyage Deluxe is made by Britax and is a lot like a Britax Marathon, minus some of the extra features. It does not tether rearfacing and only harnesses to 55 pounds, but it's as Britax-like as you can get without actually getting a real Britax. Albeebaby has them in stock.
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