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When do you give them a pillow?

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My daughter loves pillows. Any time I put mine on the floor for her to lay on, she falls right asleep. She also loves to lay on it to watch her little Baby Einstein videos. So, how old do they need to be before you can give them a pillow at night and for naps? She will be a year on Aug. 5th.

Please send an email, as I don't get here very often.


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Did you get any replies as to this? I just stumbled upon this thread (I've been "absent" for awhile from the boards).

Our DD came down with a nasty head cold last weekend and she was able to breathe and sleep better with her upper body propped up on a pillow, but I was worried about leaving her to sleep that way through the night (she's just shy of 10 months).

Any suggestions as to how long to wait before giving her a pillow?

tia, M
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Thanks for responding. You were the first and only response. I too have found my baby (will be a year August 5) likes pillows and falls asleep quicker with one. I also worry about leaving her with a pillow. I was hoping to get opinions from others with babes on when they started giving them a pillow to sleep on.

How is your little one now? Ours has double ear infections right now so I think proping her head up would help it hurt less when she sleeps, but I'm too afraid of giving her the pillow

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I let my DD sleep on a pillow in my bed at about 12 months. She just slept better with one. I think that by the time they are pulling up they should be able to have a pillow.
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just before 2nd birthday, we did it

i do not know when it is "officially" ok

my baby NEVER sleeps on his belly though, he doesn't like it.

if you had one that slept on belly, you might wait longer......unsure.

my son seemed to sleep better when we napped together and he had a pillow (cause he was in my bed at naptime) so i gave him one, and his sleeping improved greatly. this was like 22 months or so
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