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what to do when a cat keeps running out the door ?

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our cat been running out the door and now it's been since last night since we last saw her
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First, I hope your cat comes back soon.

We have to keep a close eye on ours. If he runs towards the door, we stomp on the floor or shake a can of pennies. His approach to an open door becomes associated with an unpleasant sound.

It ain't GD, but I'd rather have a less attached cat than one running in the dangers of the outdoors.
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We tried scare tactics with ours too, and he's totally unphased. I have to pick him up any time I open the door. He won't fight me if I hold him though. lol I just tuck him under my arm like any inanimate object and he gets comfy and will just ride along whatever I'm doing at the door. I can walk out and talk to a neighbor on the porch for like half an hour without him caring. If I need to leave, I just pick him up before I open the door, and toss him back inside before I close it.
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it may seem like we might not get her back especially after hearing she was w/ a kid girl who hurts n kills animals
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=/ Don't lose hope. It hasn't been that long yet. Our other one gets just determined to sneak out about once or twice a year and has been known to disappear for weeks when she does...totally voluntarily - we'll see her around and she'll run away from us till she gets her fill and we hear her mewing at the door one evening. It's not at all unusual for them to take off for days when they get out. Do keep us informed if you find her or come up with any clues, though!
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Oh no! Hope you get your kitty back.

I'm with the others you will have to watch and know exactly where kitty is and distract, move the cat when you leave.

My Nicky had no fear here...he liked to check out anything. During his life he got into the garage 2x. We quickly picked him up as he "hesitated" (indoor only cat who was still a little unsure thankfully). Otherwise we ALWAYS had to know where he was. I have to do the same thing with Heaven as she's impulsive. I always want to make sure I know where she is, especially if the door is open for a while if DH is loading/unloading something.

It's a good idea too, as you may find as your DC gets older that they "lock" them in a room by mistake. My DD did that one time when we were leaving...she closed Heaven in our bedroom and we were gone for 5 1/2 hours. We got back and she had urinated on a t-shirt that DH had thrown on the floor as she had no access to a litter pan (thankfully on the shirt and nothing else ).
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no locks here except closets with knobs locks on them - no cats in there- that cat is so quick that i would spend time running 'across the street' then she ended up in a prickly bush hedge, then she ended up in someone's garage, but now no one seen her since 24 hrs ago. For us it's 48 hrs.
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Do you have access to a humane trap? Call your local animal control and shelters and see if they have one they can rent or loan you.

Looking for cats is different than looking for dogs. If they're scared or hurt, most won't come if you call them, even if you walk right past them, they stay hidden as a survival method.

Try to set the trap with something really smelly and stinky. Tuna fish works well, or really cheap smelly wet cat food. People who trap feral cats swear by fried chicken. You're also going to be more likely to catch her at night than during the day.

Is she used to being outside, does she have some "street smarts"? Or does she freak out when she makes it outside?

You can also try leaving some of her soiled litter out near your front door and a really sweaty, smelly shirt of yours or another family member. Cats are very scent oriented and these things will help her remember that your house is her house, especially if she's not familiar with the neighborhood at all.

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your not allowed to put traps, cat food, or anything of litterwise for cats because there are so many strays around here they would go for it than the one they want she was a stray kitty who was found on the road by help for homeless pets or put things out in the back or front gotta keep that tidy.
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