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ok diaper making mamas.....

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do any of you use a rotary cutter or a rotary mat to make your diapers? if so do you think it helps, could you live without it? or do you think it's a must, that it makes cutting out patterns, etc easier.

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I love my rotary cutter for cutting multiples and things with straight line like soaker pads. I could live without it (in fact I just pulled it out of a drawer about 6 months ago, so I DID live without it for years, lol!), but it makes it easier and faster and gives my hands a break (I have lots of probs with my hands)
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I didn't lik eusing it because the Cuddlebuns pattern was bigger than my mat (the tabs) so I couldn't go all the way around with the rotary cutter without scratching the table. I just made 4 pocket dipes and I just cut the pieces out using scissors.
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I love mine for making prefolds, that's for sure! I use the mat to protect the table (and to protect the fabric from dirt that Samuel might have left on the table), but when I'm cutting anything with shape to it, I just use scissors. I have a hard time with rotary cutters and curves .
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Mine is as dull as golf on TV, but I had actually never thought about using it for cutting patterns out! I used it for squares and such.

Hm, methinks I might have to get a new one and mat...I have the beginnings of carpal tunnel syndrom or arthritis I am sure, my hands ache after a lot of cutting (dull scissors might have something to do with LOL, but it's also at the 'puter too...)
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I use mine for cutting straight lines, like soakers, but not for the main diaper parts. Unless you have hard templates, I think it's too hard to go around the curves with one. I just use the good old scissors for that. I got mine for quilting and it's priceless for that, of course!
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Personally, I never use mine for diaper making. Just can't get used to it, and I think it takes more time to layer fabric on top of each other, than to just cut out seperately. I do have one though, and use it for other things, just not diapers
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thanks mama for all your input!

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