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summer heat = stains?

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i just now it can't be mildew on my precious diapers can it? : i wash every 3 days usually since i've got plenty of diapers - i mean what girl doesn't anyways, when i went to wash dipes today, the ones that were used first (bottom of the pail) have brown/black areas where the urine was. very obvious pee thing here - is it the ammonia in her urine mixing with the summer heat to make these stains? i've got my precious diapers out sunning now in hopes they'll be good as new...btw, our house doesn't have c h&a (just a window unit in the living room and my pail is in the master bath) is this a prob for anyone else?
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I haven't had this problem, as I don't have enough dipes to wash every three days. Just wanted to suggest maybe giving your diapers a spray with some tea tree oil solution before tossing them in the pail -- it's a great mold/mildew killer.
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